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free polazzo freepolazzo at comcast.net
Thu Apr 21 15:07:43 JEST 2005

Hi Ceal,

Atlanta Freinds Meeting approved marrying any 2 people, regardless of 
sexual orientation. Do you think that upsets anyone in Atlanta, GA or the USA?

Most all my neighbors are upset that I have a "War is Not the Answer" sign 
in my yard  (some even rip them up and others take them away - 15 so 
far).  Should I decide not to declare myself against war because they are 
upset about the signs?

SAYMA Friends don't believe in having a hired Priest (or Minister or Rabbi 
or Shaman or Iman for that matter.)   That must upset some of the groups 
that believe that you need someone who was "ordained" to lead religious 
services.    Should we hire a minister so that people won't be offended?

I'm sure you could add to this list.  They don't call Friends the "Peculiar 
People" for nothing.

If Friends start following the "niceness" Testimony, what are we to do with 
our Testimonies on Equality, Truth, Peace and Simplicity and Community?

I don't think anyone wanted to offend any Native Americans.    As you know, 
there are very few groups of humans where all the members of that group 
agree on how to worship and how big to make the circle.    Friends who were 
following the leading of the Spirit.

The issue is this:  "Can Friends General Conference's Long Range Planning 
Committee close a door to the Spirit for some, at the FGC Gathering, 
because others think it's the "Wrong" door?



At 08:51 AM 4/21/2005, Ceal wrote:
>However this is true in one aspect - the Sweat Lodge was removed last year 
>and this year because it DID offend some Native Americans. I know there 
>are many Native Americans who have been asked and thought it was fine but 
>others have been offended and upset.

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