[saymaListserv] CORRECTION of misquotation re 2006 Gathering and the Quaker Sweat Lodge

Lynne Phillips lphillip at netidea.com
Wed Apr 20 13:38:02 JEST 2005

Dear Friends,

Email, like most technology, has its good and bad effects. Right now I am 
experiencing the dark side of email communication.

The FGC office via Liz Perch will be sending you a message that I wrote to 
correct the misquotation of my remarks made in a meeting for worship for 
business at the March 2005 Long Range Conference Planning committee 
meeting.  George Price misunderstood my remarks and has perpetrated the 
misunderstanding to a wider audience though a message by email to others 
where he appeared to be quoting me about the Quaker Sweat Lodge and the 
2006 Gathering.  George has apologized to me in a private email for his 
misunderstanding, but, alas, it is not so easy to undo messages once set 
loose in the easy world of internet communication.

Please wait for my forwarded message from the FGC office.  Read and 
destroy.  That is, don't forward it to others but if you encounter George's 
misquotation of my remarks in other messages or from other people, please 
let them know that it is NOT accurate and urge them to contact me or the 
FGC office for the corrections.  I would also like to know where else this 
message has gone, so that I can continue to try and undo the harm that this 
misinformation has done.

I also need to say that my understanding of committee meetings are meetings 
for *worship* with attention to business.   My experience with Canadian 
Yearly Meeting committees has been that individual ministry in the context 
of the meetings is just that - speaking as an individual.  What the 
*meeting* decides is corporate discernment as expressed by our minute.  I 
believe that the March LRCP session given over to the Quaker Sweat Lodge 
was meant to be another opportunity for LRCP to gather 
information,  reflect on the issues, and share our degrees of 
clarity.   What is more, LRCP's previous meetings have been conducted with 
the understanding that what we said was held in confidence.  For this 
reason alone, any comments made about the discussion at the committee 
meeting should have reflected the minute that was written and nothing 
more.    It seems to me to be inappropriate to quote individual remarks, 
even if quoted correctly.

Seeking the Light,
Lynne Phillips
Rossland, BC

"Spiritual life is like living water
that springs up from the very depths
of our own spiritual experience.
In spiritual life everyone has to drink
from his or her own well."
St. Bernard of Clairvaux

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