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Peggy Bonnington bonnipeg at charter.net
Mon Apr 25 00:29:23 JEST 2005

Also, in my humble opinion, if those opposed actually were to experience
the sweat we might hear a totally different story.  Nothing educates
like the experience itself; not everything is strictly "book learning."
While the recommended books are doubtlessly excellent, the actual
experience of the sweat goes beyond words and I'm uncertain should be
attempted in verbalese.

Peggy Bonnington
Clarksville TN

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Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 
From: "George Price" <stonelodge at earthlink.net>
Subject:2005 FGC Gathering

What we have before is a decision to either follow and empower a long
term tested spiritual leading or to bow to a nebulous political
complaint.  Spirit is not owned by anyone and for anyone to attempt to
enforce their spiritual or political will on others is tyrannical.  I
have been accused of being culturally ignorant and insensitive on this
issue and that is simply not true. I have spent most of my life
reseaching and educating myself on Native American concerns.   If those
who oppose our use of the sweat would take the time to educate
themselves more deeply on this issue they will find a more enlightened
point of view.  I recomend Raymond Bucko's book, The Lakota Ritual of
the Sweat Lodge and Joseph Bruchac's book, The Native American Sweat
Lodge.  Also Mikkel Aaland's book Sweat can give readers a view of the
universal nature of sweat lodges as practiced by people all over the

George Price 4-20-2005

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