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Ceal cecilia at wutka.com
Thu Apr 21 16:40:20 JEST 2005

I was not trying to start a dicsussion on whether there should be a 
Sweatlodge.  I only wanted to see the full truth told. Last year the Native 
Americans in Massachusetts wrote to the planning committee of The Gathering 
to express their feelings. I think these need to be honored and considered

Ceal Wutka

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> Hi Ceal,
> Atlanta Freinds Meeting approved marrying any 2 people, regardless of
> sexual orientation. Do you think that upsets anyone in Atlanta, GA or the
> USA?
> Most all my neighbors are upset that I have a "War is Not the Answer" sign
> in my yard  (some even rip them up and others take them away - 15 so far).
> Should I decide not to declare myself against war because they are upset
> about the signs?
> SAYMA Friends don't believe in having a hired Priest (or Minister or Rabbi
> or Shaman or Iman for that matter.)   That must upset some of the groups
> that believe that you need someone who was "ordained" to lead religious
> services.    Should we hire a minister so that people won't be offended?
> I'm sure you could add to this list.  They don't call Friends the
> "Peculiar People" for nothing.
> If Friends start following the "niceness" Testimony, what are we to do
> with our Testimonies on Equality, Truth, Peace and Simplicity and
> Community?
> I don't think anyone wanted to offend any Native Americans.    As you
> know, there are very few groups of humans where all the members of that
> group agree on how to worship and how big to make the circle.    Friends
> who were following the leading of the Spirit.
> The issue is this:  "Can Friends General Conference's Long Range Planning
> Committee close a door to the Spirit for some, at the FGC Gathering,
> because others think it's the "Wrong" door?
> Blessings,
> Free
> At 08:51 AM 4/21/2005, Ceal wrote:
>>However this is true in one aspect - the Sweat Lodge was removed last year
>>and this year because it DID offend some Native Americans. I know there
>>are many Native Americans who have been asked and thought it was fine but
>>others have been offended and upset.

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