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Dear Friends,
Please see http://quakersinthenews.blogspot.com for a chronological archive, 
or to comment on any news story.

The most widely reported story of the week comes from Chicago, USA and 
regards the American Friends Service Committee.

Friends might notice the ambiguity of the nature of AFSC in the eyes of the 
public, as AFSC is referred to at different times as a 'Quaker'  organization, 
and sometimes as a 'Quaker inspired' or 'Quaker Values in Action' 
organization.  Friends might notice that the phrase 'religious humanitarian group' and/or 
the word 'Quaker' finds its way into stories describing AFSC when there is 
contention or controversy, in this case - alleged persecution by a police agency, 
according to the Chicago Tribune.  One might also notice that news stories 
which are less controversial, such as humanitarian aid, many times do not refer 
to AFSC as prominently, as a 'Quaker' or 'religious' organization. 

The issue in question was politically and economically related, concerning a 
public demonstration, planned by AFSC in Chicago.   The concern by AFSC and 
the ACLU regards the alleged police infiltration of the AFSC.  The alleged 
inflitration being petitioned in the courts this week, occured while AFSC was 
planning to stage a protest at a business conference in 2002 called:  The 
TransAtlantic Business Dialogue Conference.   

Do Friends see the naming of AFSC in this case and other highly charged 
cases, as a 'religious group', as leverage on the historic integrity of the 
Religious Society of Friends - even as AFSC has evolved away , or seems to be 
evolving away from being a 'Quaker' organization?  

As Friends decline in number, and 'Quaker groups' become professionalized - 
how do we manage to keep our identity as we work with friends from the wider 
world who share our outward concerns, yet are not that familiar with our inward 

AFSC/Protest/Civil Rights/ACLU/ACLU seeks police files on infiltration of 
group/Chicago Tribune /Chicago/IL/USA/26-Apr-05


The most inspiring story to me was not widely reported, however it shows that 
Friends, no matter which flavor, or where they live, do have important things 
in common.

Architecture/Expansion//Country church to expand/Eudora 


Other stories which shaped the face of the Quaker faith toward the public 
this week were:

Category/Article Title/News Source/City/Area/Region/Date

War/Politics and Economics/Protest/Iraq//Peace rally was an asset to 
Fayetteville/Fayetteveille Observer/Fayetteville/NC/USA/25-Apr-05
War/Conscientious Objecton /Refugee or deserter?/Christian Science 
Slavery/Underground Railroad/Letters: Listeners Slam Poetry Scams
Religious Faith /Silence///Unchain my heart: - a journey with some friends
/Acton-The Beacon/Acton/MA/USA/28-Apr-05
Religious Faith /Politics and Economics/An ugly new chapter in the religious 
wars/Boston Globe/Boston/MA/USA/25-Apr-05
Religioius Diversity///You can’t always tell a house of worship by its label
/Wednesday Journal/Oak Park/IL/USA/27-Apr-05
Quaker Schools /Obituary///life's odds, ends up for auction/Greensboro News 
Quaker Schools ///Abington Friends names new school leader/Philadelphia 
Quaker Schools ///Best friends plan trip of a lifetime/Cherry Hill Courier 
Post/Cherry Hill/NJ/USA/27-Apr-05
Quaker Schools ///Paula is marvellous, we might even marry...
Quaker Schools ///Views From Third Street: Proud to promote Penn.../West 
Liberty Index/West Liberty/IA/USA/26-Apr-05
Quaker Schools ///School briefs: Straight A's will be honored/Durham Herald 
Quaker History/War/Book Review/REVOLUTIONARY MOTHERS. By Carol Berkin. Knopf, 
224 pages, $24 .../The Decatur Daily/Decatur/AL/USA/24-Apr-05
Quaker History/Slavery /Abolition//Climbing 'Fences'/Portsmouth Herald 
Quaker History/Slavery ///Things to do/The Jackson 
Quaker History/Real Estate Development/Main Street hearing planned for May 5
/Friendswood Journal/Friendswood/TX/USA/28-Apr-05
Quaker History/Real Estate Development/Preserving agricultural acreage a top 
priority/Baltimore Sun/Baltimore/MD/USA/24-Apr-05
Quaker History/Quaker Schools//William Councill A&M's 1st leader/Huntsville 
Quaker History/Natural Science /Bartram//Portable library/Up & Coming 
Quaker History/Hicks, Elias/Whitman, Walt/Washington celebrates work of 
Whitman/Chicago Tribune/Chicago/IL/USA/26-Apr-05
Quaker History///Quakertown 150 years ago
Protest/Peace Activity//Mark Thomas/New Statesman/London/England/UK/28-Apr-05
Peace Activities /Religious Diversity//Children will fly kites in the air for 
peace on earth/Santa Cruz Sentinel/Santa Cruz/CA/USA/27-Apr-05
Peace Activities /Nuclear non-proliferation/My battle to ban the bomb/ic 
Peace Activities /Conflict Resolution//Quakers move to curb city violence
International Conflict/Quaker Schools/Swarthmore/Rwandan teen, excelling in 
US, now lobbies for Darfur aid/Stamford Advocate/Stamford/CT/USA/24-Apr-05
International Conflict/Peace Activity//Quaker has high hopes for the Mideast
/York Daily Record/York/PA/USA/25-Apr-05
Inner Peace///Single mom focused on finding success/Providence Journal 
FCNL/Peace Activities /Obituary///Marla's legacy: Locals reflect on what 
Ruzicka meant to them and .../Lake County Record-Bee/Lake County/CA/USA/27-Apr-05
Business/Recreation/Politics and Economics/George, Henry/Atlantic City's 
monopoly on Monopoly/Birmingham News/Birmingham/AL/USA/26-Apr-05
Arts/Quilts///Locally made quilts on display at annual quilt show
AFSC/War/Counter Recruiting/Protesters target US Army recruiters at CMU
/Pittsburgh Post Gazette/Pittsburgh/PA/USA/26-Apr-05
AFSC/Immigration//Latinos edgy over use of immigration law on crime/San Diego 
Union Tribune/San Diego/CA/USA/26-Apr-05

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