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From: Nancy Whitt 
Subject: Earth Activist Training

Dear friends, colleagues, editors, and co-conspirators, 

Please help us get the word out about upcoming Earth Activist Trainings.  Below is our short announcement.  We'd be grateful if you'd post it on your e-lists, announce it on radio, publish in calendars, send to interested friends, and so on.  Wherever is suitable, and suits your fancy. 

A reminder that about 40% of our students attend on worktrade/scholarship, and we're always interested in strong scholarship candidates: folks who are now working to help others become more sustainable, and who'll share the concepts and techniques we can teach 'em.  Scholarship deadline is Nov 12. 

I'd be glad to snail-mail you printed flyers, too.  Just ask.

Thanks so much, and see you at the compost pile of life ;) 

EAT coordinator 


Learn to create the world you want to live in!  Starhawk and Erik Ohlsen, with Penny Livingston-Stark, teach Earth Activist Training: a two-week intensive that synergizes permaculture, effective activism, nature awareness, and spirituality.  Next EAT session January 7-21, 2006.  Location: Northern California.  Cost: $1100-$1600 sliding scale, worktrade and loans available.  And new this year: "Honoring the Land: Building WITH Nature," a hands-on workshop with Starhawk and Ethan Castro, September 27-October 1, 2005.  For more information, visit www.earthactivisttraining.org.

Questions? mer at starhawk.org or voicemail 707-583-2300, ext 119.
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