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Dear Friends, 

Please feel free to click on any blue underlined title to read an abstract, 
and the full text of these stories.  As always, you may visit 
http://quakersinthenews.blogspot.com to see or comment on a chronological 
archive of news stories this year. The most widely reported story this week with 
6 instances in mid market news journals in the US: 

War/Nuclear Non-proliferation/WW II//Quakers mark anniversary of bombing
/Athens Banner-Herald/Athens/GA/USA/1-Aug-05 

An explanation of the concept behind Quakers in the News is at: Friends 
Journal/contents/August 2005 

The remaining stories are the 'snapshot' of the face of Quakerism this week: 

Category/Article Title/Source/City/Area/Region/Date/Wire Service 

War/WW II/Nuclear Non-proliferation/Ceremony to honor atomic bomb victims
War/Nuclear Non-proliferation/WW II//Quakers mark anniversary of bombing
/Athens Banner-Herald/Athens/GA/USA/1-Aug-05 
War/Non-violence/Lester, Kate/Fort Thomas women want to help veterans/Fort 
Thomas Recorder/Fort Thomas/KY/USA/3-Aug-05 
War/Iraq/Grandmothers for Peace/Editor's Note/Western Howard County 
View/Ellicott City/MD/USA/4-Aug-05 
War/Iraq///The Terrorism Case that Wasn't/The 
Religious Faith///Jerusalem Lives/Burlington Hawk 
Recorded Minister/Clendineng, Bill//Clendineng joins Plainfield Friends as 
pastor/Mooresville / Decatur Times/Mooresville/IN/USA/3-Aug-05 
Raised-a-Quaker/Strict///Family offers Inn’s mementos for display in new town 
hall/Mooresville / Decatur Times/Mooresville/IN/USA/3-Aug-05 
Quaker History/War/VietNam/Humanitarian Assistance/Recalling rescue out of 
Saigon/Philadelphia Inquirer/Philadelphia/PA/USA/2-Aug-05 
Quaker History/Religious Diversity/Temperance/Established in 1844: America's 
Oldest Catholic Newspaper In .../Pittsburgh 
Quaker History/Religious Diversity/Dissent//Fergus Cullen: Discovering NH's 
plentiful drive-by history/The Union Leader/Seabrook/NH/USA/2-Aug-05 
Quaker History/Real Estate Development/Preservation, progress on view on 
Nantucket tour/Boston Globe/Boston/MA/USA/4-Aug-05 
Quaker History/Quaker Trail//Ball State project on Wayne Co. history now 
Quaker History/Quaker Schools//West Grove building once held school/Avon 
Grove Sun/Avon Grove/PA/USA/3-Aug-05 
Quaker History/Free Quakers//'Angel of Purity' will stay in Phila.
/Philadelphia Inquirer/Philadelphia/PA/USA/4-Aug-05 
Quaker History/Business/Banking//Superbrands case studies: Barclays/Design 
Quaker History/Brotherhood/Peace/Hard Work/One reunion, two mysteries/Loudoun 
Penitence////Snyder: Accountability key for people who commit crimes/Waldo 
Village Soup/Waldo/ME/USA/3-Aug-05 
Outreach/Meetinghouse//Newport residents invited to Night Out/Newport Daily 
Obituary////Doyle Eugene Heston/Fairfield Daily 
Meetinghouse/Architecture//‘A great old house’/Lansdale 
Humanitarian Assistance//First Friends to send medical, construction teams to 
Kadavu, Fiji/Canton Repository/Canton/OH/USA/30-Jul-05 
Business/Simplicity///Volunteers delve into history of Mendenhall loom
/Jamestown News/Jamestown/NC/USA/3-Aug-05 
Business/Johns Hopkins/Carey, James/The Mount, in disrepair, goes for 
$502,500/Baltimore Sun/Baltimore/MD/USA/4-Aug-05 
Business/Cooperation/Meetinghouse/Plans move ahead for food co-op/The 
Business////Book Review--Profitable Socially Responsible Investing?: An ...

FCNL/Politics and Economics/War/Iraq/Ask for vote for US withdrawal from Iraq
/Maryknoll Magazine/Maryknoll/NY/USA/1-Aug-05 

AFSC/Youth/Militarism//Forming a conscience/Kansas City Star/Kansas 
AFSC/War/WW II/Nuclear Non-proliferation/Bombing anniversary to be marked at 
vigils/North Adams Transcript/North Adams/MA/USA/3-Aug-05 
AFSC/War/Iraq/Boots/Green St. garage future debated/Ithaca 
AFSC/Protest/Free Speech/Few clues about cops' spy operations/Chicago 
AFSC/Politics and Economics/Arnie Alpert: CAFTA’s passage not an exercise in 
democracy/The Union Leader/Concord/NH/USA/2-Aug-05 
AFSC/Non-violence//OP-ED: Uncle Sam wants you: the identity stripping of 
American .../Philadelphia Center City Weekly Press/Philadelphia/PA/USA/4-Aug-05 
AFSC/Crime and Punishment/Penology//Visits at jail will go to video/New 
Brunswick Home News Tribune/New Brunswick/NJ/USA/2-Aug-05 
AFSC/Church-State//ACLU says FBI documents confirm protesters investigated as 
.../Wyoming News/Casper/WY/USA/3-Aug-05 to Unsubsribe, please reply. -- 
If a civil word or two will render a man happy, he must be a wretch indeed 
who will not give them to him. Such a disposition is like lighting another man's 
candle by one's own, which loses none of its brilliancy by what the other 
gains. - William Penn, English religious leader and colonist (1644 - 1718) 

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