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Please share the information which follows regarding John Calvi's new QUIT: Quaker Initiative to End Torture.


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I have added this link to the peace and social concerns website of
Southeastern Yearly Meeting, on three separate pages:

1) Home page, under "What's NEW?" http://seympeace.org/#NEW
2) The page on war concerns: http://seympeace.org/war.html 
3) The page on civil liberties concerns, under News Updates:

Thanks for sharing this,

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Dear Friends,

Here is our brand new website!


We will have updates about the coming Quaker Conference on Torture.

There are also resources for learning, understanding, and action.

Please share this website with many people.

We need your help to share this website, to receive donations, and
spread word of this new initiative including the conference.

Our thanks to Blake Arnall of San Francisco for creating this website. 
our thanks to so many of you who hold this effort in your hearts and

Thank you from the planning committee, John Calvi

John Calvi
P.O. Box 301
Putney, VT  05346
<calvij at sover.net<about:blank>>
Tel:  802-387-4789

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