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On the Christian Peace Team internet site (www.cpt.org) they have suggestions 
for actions, in response to the peace team members who are held in Iraq.  
For those of you who interested ...one of their alerts ask for folks to write 
their local newspapers.  The text is below. 
Peace,  Kristi Estes 
13 December 2005 

TORONTO/CHICAGO ACTION ALERT: Write letters to the editor about human rights 
for Iraqis and four CPTers missing in Iraq 

As we all continue to pray and work for the safe release of our friends 
still missing in Iraq, we recognize that we have a momentous opportunity to 
bear witness to the nonviolent commitments of Tom, Jim, Norman and Harmeet 
and thousands of friends and partners with whom CPT works around the world. 

The media is eager to keep focusing on the "human interest" story and are 
delving into the lives of the four CPTers. Our team in Iraq urges us to 
keep telling the "human rights" story--lifting up the suffering of Iraqis in 
detention and living under occupation. 

The season of Advent is about waiting for the coming of the Prince of Peace. 
As we wait for news about our missing friends, we encourage our supporters 
to write letters to the editor and op-ed pieces that focus on 1) the 
suffering of our Iraqi friends and CPT's work to address injustice and 2) 
the power and conviction of Biblical nonviolence and risky peacemaking. You 
might wish to frame your writing in response to the question, "Why would 
they go to Iraq?" 

Letters to the Editor should be short, approximately 200-220 words. The 
shorter the better. Check with your local newspaper regarding specific 
requirements. Op-ed pieces are generally 4-5 times longer than letters 
(800-1000 words). Consider increasing the relevance of your submission by 
tying it to the nativity story. Please avoid any speculation about the 
delicate situation facing the missing CPTers 

The following links may serve as useful reference sources to your writing. 

8 December 2005, "IRAQ: CPT works for the human rights of Iraqi detainees" 


10 December 2005, DULUTH, MN: A plea for peacemakers in Iraq" 


See also Robert Rhodes' editorial in the 6 December online edition of 
Mennonite Weekly Review, "Seeking Peace must embrace risk 


Sample letter: 

Dear Editor, 

I have been a (friend, supporter, member) of Christian Peacemaker Team (CPT) 
for (x) years and was deeply distressed when I heard that four CPTers, 
Norman Kemper, Harmeet Sooden, Tom Fox and Jim Loney had been taken in Iraq. 

[If you know any of the four men personally, you might want to add, "In 
particular, I know x, and have been impressed by his (commitment to 
following Jesus, nonviolence, the marginalized, etc.)"] 

Christian Peacemaker Teams was founded on the principle that Christians need 
to devote the same discipline and self-sacrifice to nonviolent peacemaking 
that the military devotes to war. These four men were willing to make this 
sacrifice, believing that their own lives were no more important than the 
lives of the thousands of Iraqis detained without charges in military 
prisons or the millions of other Iraqis currently living under military 

During Advent, when we remember the arrival of the Prince of Peace and the 
angels' promise of "Peace on Earth," I invite fellow believers to join me in 
praying for an end to the war and ongoing human rights abuses in Iraq as 
well as for the return of the four CPTers. 


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