[saymaListserv] IMP^o^ 198 kitenet "attachers" & "digesters"

Mary Calhoun moriah at preferred.com
Fri Dec 16 18:11:52 JEST 2005

IMP ^o^ Bulletin 198
Listserv "attachers" please help...
...listserv "digesters"
There's a glitch in kitenet's archive software  

from the Administrative Assistant, based on info from list-owner Joey Hess, trouble report from a sayma at kitenet.net subscriber, and some AA ferreting out...)

<|>    sayma at kitenet.net subscribers who opt for "digests" of listserv messages apparently depend on the listserv archives to retrieve any message attachments.

<|>    Joey says the archive software is malfunctioning and an attachment he looked at was unreadable.  He's reported it to the folks who wrote the software.

<|>    The Administrative Assistant has browsed the listserv's December archive, and found a number of oddities involving --
  a.. garbled attachments
  b.. attachments that couldn't be accessed at all
  c.. "attachments" where there never were any
<|>   Until this gets resolved, "attachers" please help the "digesters" by, if at all possible, avoiding attachments on messages sent to sayma at kitenet.net -- 
  a.. paste links (URLs/addresses of websites) into the body of  your message
  b.. when forwarding a message onto the listserv 
    a.. click "forward" rather than "forward as attachment"
    b.. or, paste the message you want to forward into the body of your own message
<|>    Heads-up for "attachers" -- if you posted a message with an attachment in the last month or so, you might want to repost it with the attached item pasted in the body of your message.  If you need to refresh your memory of what you posted, visit the archives at http://kitenet.net/pipermail/sayma/.

<|>    If the listserv archive software difficulty doesn't get resolved soon, "digesters" may want to consider turning that option off.  To change your subscription settings visit the listserv's website at 

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