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Speak Truth to BushReceived at the SAYMA office.

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        Dear AFSC friend, 

        Last night, in the State of the Union address, President Bush painted a rosy picture about democracy and freedom in Iraq.  

        The truth is not so simple.  

        An estimated 100,000 Iraqis and more than 1400 U.S. soldiers have died in the unnecessary war, and the toll mounts daily. The presence of U.S. occupation forces has been -- and will continue to be -- a flashpoint for violence. 

        Today, as part of our growing Wage Peace Campaign, AFSC is launching a new movie that tells the truth about the ongoing loss of life in Iraq -- and encourages viewers to sign our petition to bring the troops home. 

        Click here to watch the movie [2 min]. 

        I think you'll be moved... and if you have friends who are on the fence about the war, this is something you will want to share with them. 

        Please take a few moments to watch the movie, sign the petition, and then please forward the message to ten friends. 

        This spring is a critical time to demonstrate the breadth and diversity of opposition to the war. Military families, veterans, people of faith, students and many others are now speaking out. The momentum is building. 

        Together we can end this war. 


              Peter Lems
              AFSC Iraq Staff 

        Click on the link below to view the movie and share it with your friends: 


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