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Mary Calhoun moriah at preferred.com
Sat Feb 5 09:14:25 JEST 2005

Dear Debra and Friends,

The "if only" about mainstream media is a subject I've thought much about since before the elections.  Consider this...

-- we all know how, of course, to forward urgent concerns by email.
-- and we know about letters to editors and representatives.
-- but, a lot of us read blogs, bulletin boards, and other online alternate news-sources; we could go to their sites and see if "our issue" has been noticed there, post a message, write a message to the site's managers/editors.
-- has Charlie Rose, PBS Now, or Fresh Air taken up the topic? we could check their websites and bulletin boards, post, suggest the topic.
-- what are WQOs doing around our issue? We can visit their websites, leave messages.
-- has a public official, not necessarily local or your representative, been quoted on our issue, or one closely related?  We can send an email thanking them for their concern, and pointing out ours.
-- has a newscast, TV/radio show, or some non-Quaker organization brought up our issue, or one close to it?  Get out the thank-you-and-concern message, find their website, and email it again.
-- will more opportunities to send "the message" pop up as the days go by?  I can almost guarantee it.
-- is this a lot of work?  Sure is.  But what if we formed a team or working group using individual gifts and resources:  web-skills, research-lovers, word-smiths, issue-discerners, media-monitors, folks with some spare time, a "people-coordinator" or two?
-- will it end with mainstream press coverage? Maybe not, but never forget that bloggers brought down 60 Minutes.
Mary Calhoun
Foxfire FM

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> I'm listening to Democracy Now (www.democracynow.org) and Amy Goodman just
> reported on the situation in Tennessee.  Hector's picture was shown and the
> Eisenhower quote was read.  Now if it will only make it to the mainstream
> press!  
> Salaam,
> Debra
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