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Sally Ferrell saferrell at wilkes.net
Sun Feb 6 15:25:41 JEST 2005

yep.  & I suspect the principal might have meant partisan (hopefully) & 
just been caught off guard & chosen the wrong word.

>However there is a difference between statements that can be construed as 
>political and statements that can be construed as partisan, and this is 
>the point upon which the situation actually turns, in my opinion. There is 
>absolutely no reason for the school board to attempt to prohibit political 
>discourse in the schools, in fact to do so would run counter to their 
>mandate to educate our youth, and would be a most fundamental and 
>egregious violation of the First Amendment to the Constitution.

We are thinking of going to the schools here ourselves, being inspired by 
the Cookesville example!
If anyone on the list is from our area (Wilkes County NC) & would care to 
be involved, email me.
We are particularly looking for young people & veterans to work with us (& 
the rest of you too!)

Sally Ferrell
Wilkes County Friends

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