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Rblissfam at cs.com Rblissfam at cs.com
Sun Feb 6 21:01:17 JEST 2005

I did something like this many years ago.  At that time, we got Peace Corps to send us a box of promotional material.  Thus, you are showing a non-partisan other way to serve your country.  Also Americorps would be good.  Government service, no violence.

Sally Ferrell <saferrell at wilkes.net> wrote:

>yep.  & I suspect the principal might have meant partisan (hopefully) & 
>just been caught off guard & chosen the wrong word.
>>However there is a difference between statements that can be construed as 
>>political and statements that can be construed as partisan, and this is 
>>the point upon which the situation actually turns, in my opinion. There is 
>>absolutely no reason for the school board to attempt to prohibit political 
>>discourse in the schools, in fact to do so would run counter to their 
>>mandate to educate our youth, and would be a most fundamental and 
>>egregious violation of the First Amendment to the Constitution.
>We are thinking of going to the schools here ourselves, being inspired by 
>the Cookesville example!
>If anyone on the list is from our area (Wilkes County NC) & would care to 
>be involved, email me.
>We are particularly looking for young people & veterans to work with us (& 
>the rest of you too!)
>Sally Ferrell
>Wilkes County Friends

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