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Dear Friends,

Susan Sarandon was on CSPAN this AM and the question of people in Hollywood 
doing "political" stuff was raised.  Her answer is worth posting:  She said:

Whenever you support the status quo, that is not considered political.
When you support something that could change the status quo, that is 
considered political.

Susan has done much work on ending the death penalty (even before "Dead Man 
Walking") and has had to deal with charges of doing "political" work and 
not minding her own business.

Very astute answer, I thought.

It seems that how the arguments are framed often determines who gets heard.


>On 6 Feb 2005 at 9:59, Susan Jeffers wrote:
> > "But when he looked at the material, he found it to be "of a political
> > nature," he said, and he decided the whole issue should be brought to
> > the school board."
> >
> > Maybe I missed it here on the SAYMA list, but can anyone tell me
> > specifics of what the material consisted of, and what might have been
> > construed as "political"?
> >
> > Thanks from a lurker,
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