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Quakers in the News - 1st Week 2nd Month, 2005 

  Article Summary 

  1. US soldiers opposed to Iraq war seek refuge in Canada 
Kansas City Star (subscription) - Kansas City, MO,USA 
San Luis Obispo Tribune, CA - Jan 31, 2005 
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, GA - Jan 31, 2005 
Kentucky.com, KY - Jan 31, 2005 
Grand Forks Herald, ND - Jan 31, 2005 
The State, SC - Jan 31, 2005 
Kansas.com, KS - Jan 31, 2005 
Philadelphia Daily News (subscription), PA - Jan 31, 2005 
Fort Wayne News Sentinel, IN - Jan 31, 2005 
Fort Worth Star Telegram (subscription), TX - Jan 31, 2005 
  ... After the United States invaded Iraq, the couple, who sporadically 
studied Buddhism and attended Quaker meetings, began considering their options, 
knowing ... 

  2. Civil groups work to prevent conflict 
Daily Star - Beirut, Lebanon 
... Conflict," was organized by the European Center for Conflict Prevention 
in cooperation with the Permanent Peace Movement (PPM) and the Quaker 

  3. "W" Stands for Withdrawal 
CounterPunch - Petrolia,CA,USA 
... Daniel Smith, a West Point graduate and Vietnam veteran, is Senior Fellow 
on Military Affairs at the Friends Committee on National Legislation, a 
Quaker lobby ... 

  4. Nuclear weapons to be speaker's topic tonight 
Portsmouth Herald News - Portsmouth,NH,USA 
... Gerson is the director of Programs of the American Friends Service 
Committee in New England and an author. Dr. Gerson's talk is free and open to the 
public. ... 

  5. School restricts peace groups' visits 
Knoxville News Sentinel (subscription) - Knoxville,TN,USA 
The Tennessean, TN - Feb 2, 2005 (Associated Press Wire Story) 
WVLT, TN - Feb 1, 2005 
NASHVILLE - A Cookeville High School administrator said Veterans for Peace 
and a Quaker group can't come back into his school with materials considered 
"anti-American" ... 


  6. Marines, not Quakers, are the answer 
Letter to the Editor 
Article published on Friday, January 28th, 2005 
Kodiak Daily Mirror - Kodiak, AK, USA 

  7.  Trantino was wrong choice for panel 
NorthJersey.com - Hackensack, NJ, USA... The Quaker-run counseling program 
for ex-offenders that hired the infamous cop-killer after his release three 
years ago - and put him on… 

  8. A vision of religion - The former head of George Fox College discusses 
his motivation and beliefs 
A vision of religion The former head of George Fox College ... 
OregonLive.com - Portland, OR, USA 
... of what was then George Fox College, said the Englishman who founded the 
Society of Friends is worth ... There are four emphases the Friends had and 
still have. .. 

  9.   Quaker Organization Nominates Hiroshima Survivors for Nobel Peace ... 
Common Dreams - USA 
Religion News Service (press release) - Feb 1, 2005 ... In 1947, AFSC and the 
British Friends Service Council accepted the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of 
the Religious Society of Friends for humanitarian service . 
  10.  Interfaith tribute to King, Gandhi will advocate nonviolence 
Salt Lake Tribune - Salt Lake City,UT,USA 
... Marks School; Michael Styles, Utah Martin Luther King Commission; Indra 
Neelameggham, Hindu Temple; Diana Lee Hirschi, Quaker, Circle Dynamics; and the 
Islamic ... 
  11. Trantino's participation in panel defended 
Cherry Hill Courier Post - Cherry Hill,NJ,USA 
In the face of criticism from the law-enforcement community, a Rutgers-Camden 
professor and a Quaker group on Wednesday stood by their decision to present 
  12. One man's mission to bring relief to cut-off villages 
                 Christian Science Monitor - USA - February 4, 2005 
                 ... simple, he says. He is inspired by his family's Quaker 
roots and his father's example of doing right by others. "The Quakers' real ... 
  13. Other charities adjust to flood of giving for tsunami relief (Friends 
Disaster Service) 
              (Associated Press Wire Story) 
                 Dateline Alabama, AL - USA - February 4, 2005 
                 Worcester Telegram (subscription), MA - USA - February 4, 
                 ... "People only have so much money that they can give," 
said Coordinator Dean Johnson of Ohio-based Friends Disaster Service. The small 
group, a domestic program of the Quaker religious denomination, is helping to 
rebuild homes from hurricane flooding in Florida and Ohio. 
  14. The Pacifists 
Missoula Independent, MT - USA ... "And there was a Quaker boy who wrote to 
the Forest Service in Missoula and said, 'How about giving conscientious 
objectors a chance to become smokejumpers ... 
  15. Still family's chronicle lives again 
                 Cherry Hill Courier Post, NJ - February 3, 2005 ... He later 
moved to Philadelphia, and through his chairmanship of the Quaker-influenced 
Pennsylvania Anti-Slavery Society, became the chief "conductor" of the... 
  16. NGOs Urge UN to Fight Bias Against All Faiths 
                 Reuters - Feb 1, 2005 
                Ha'aretz, Israel - Feb 1, 2005 
"It's not that we're not concerned about religious discrimination against 
certain groups -- on the contrary, we are very 
concerned," said Rachel Brett of the Quaker United Nations Office in Geneva. 
"But we're equally concerned about 
everyone." http://www.reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml?type=worldNews&

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