[saymaListserv] Elaine Pagels to speak in Phladelphia

free polazzo freepolazzo at comcast.net
Tue Feb 8 22:47:53 JEST 2005

>The similarity, for some of us, between gnosticism and Quakerism is enough
>to inspire us to get Elaine Pagels to speak to Friends at Arch Street
>Meetinghouse on May 21st, 2005.
>Quaker Universalist Fellowship is one of the sponsors as is the Standing
>Committee on Worship & Care of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting and its working
>group of three of which I am one.  There will be her lecture in the morning
>followed by an hour of answering questions written by the audience.  In the
>afternoon there will be two time slots for having discussion groups having
>an opportunity to talk together on various aspects which she has brought up
>in the am.  The meetinghouse can hold 900 and to date we have over 400
>tickets sold.  There are Friends coming to this event from Ontario, ME, MA,
>CT, RI, NY, VA , TN & FL as well as the three neighboing states of DE,  MD
>& NJ.
>If you are interested, email me and I shall send you full particulars - I
>am the sole purveyer of tickets.
>In Friendship,
>Sally Rickerman
>sshhrr at earthlink.net

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