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Susan Jeffers susan at read-the-bible.org
Wed Feb 9 11:57:51 JEST 2005

"But when he looked at the material, he found it to be "of a political
nature," he said, and he decided the whole issue should be brought to the
school board."

Well, whether he meant "political" or "partisan," does anyone have any idea 
what material he was referring to?  If he did mean "partisan," what was 
there that could be construed as partisan?

Several posts indicated that "partisan" was meant, rather than "political" 
- as if that would make the remark understandable - but someone else wrote 
"it is entirely reasonable for the school board to be concerned about 
disseminating materials of a partisan nature in the schools... It then 
becomes incumbent upon all involved - including the military recruiters - 
to avoid any language that makes value judgments about political 
parties...."  So - were the materials on display partisan, and in what respect?

One reason I ask is that Friends' traditional peace testimony against all 
outward war has gotten pretty well hidden amidst all the criticism of this 
particular war and this particular U.S. president. And I would think the 
good alternatives to military service for poor and working-class youth 
ought to be able to be presented in both non-partisan and non-political 

Thanks from your faithful lurker,

Susan Jeffers

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