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Quakers in the News - 021105

Article Summaries

1. Friendster commodifies notion of "friend"
Chicago Maroon - Chicago, IL, USA - February 4, 2005
.... For that matter, the Religious Society of Friends, or Quakers -with
all due respect to their sect-have turned the word into a proper name.
Surely, not all Friends are friends.

2. 64 days represent essence of Gandhi, Martin Luther King
Nevada City Union - Grass Valley/Nevada City, CA, USA - February 4, 2005

... for Living Compassion, Nonviolent Communication, Nevada City United
Methodist Church, Peace Center of Nevada County,
Quakers/Society of Friends, Sierra Center ...

3. Black History Month Freedom Train: The Story of the Underground ...
Revolutionary Worker Online - Chicago, IL, USA - February 7, 2005
..The Quaker family of Levi and Catherine Coffin of Newport, Indiana
were outstanding examples of such early "stationmasters." Levi Coffin
was a prominent banker with the money to maintain a spacious home--that
after 1826 operated as a secret "Grand Central" of the railroad. Over 20
years, 2,000 slaves stopped there for food, medical attention, clothing
and shelter…

4. Peace dialogue subject of class
Berkshire Eagle - Pittsfield, MA, USA - Tuesday, February 08, 2005
... BARRINGTON -- A three-hour experiential workshop in compassionate
communication is being offered on Thursday from 6:30 to 9:30 at the
Quaker Meetinghouse on ...

5. EU torn 'twixt profit, principle on China arms ban
Asia Times Online - Hong Kong - Feb 9, 2005
... available. He is a retired US Army colonel and a senior fellow on
military affairs at the Friends Committee on National Legislation.


6.  Prop. 200 foes not giving up
KMSB - Tucson, AZ, USA - February 8, 2005

... Among the groups continuing the battle against the proposition are
the American Friends Service Committee, the League of Women
Voters, Los Adelitas and the ...


7.  Four Centuries and a Cloud of Dust
The New York Times  - New York, NY, USA - February 6, 2005

… Philadelphia was the Quaker colony, the seat of tolerance and
equality, heterogeneous in the extreme, closer to the democratic ideal.
Money went further in that colony than did authority. In the words of
one 18th-century immigrant, "Pennsylvania is heaven for farmers,
paradise for artisans and hell for officials and preachers."  Even from
a distance the regional differences stood out in high relief. To the
European mind, New England was a benighted backwater in which good
Quakers were persecuted. Philadelphia was a utopia on earth. …


8.  - By Peter Bunting, Quaker (a Christian denomination) Jackson
Amador Ledger-Dispatch - Jackson, CA, USA - February 9, 2005
I am one of the people who has watched the exchange over our being a
Christian country and I am left with a question. Which Christian
religion are we? ...

9.  Many seeking US asylum meet abuse, report finds
Newark Star Ledger - Newark, NJ, USA - February 9, 2005
... "It's about time," said Will Coley, director of the asylum project
at the American Friends Service Committee, a Newark-based organization
that assists ...


10.  The New Battle for Jerusalem
Middle East Forum - Philadelphia, PA, USA - February 9, 2005
... The existence of borders in one of the central indicia of statehood.
Without borders, there is no control over commerce, taxation, or aspects
of a national economy. Further, if Jerusalem has no border or perimeter
control, it cannot protect against ingress or egress of persons or
criminals (including terrorists). As even the American Friends Service
Committee (no friends of Israel) has recognized, under such solutions,
"anyone entering Jerusalem from either country would be free to cross
Jerusalem to the other country." Put more bluntly, a porous Jerusalem
permits the Palestinians to accomplish the right of return without
bothering with negotiations....


11.  White House Official, Some Advocates for Poor, Differ on Bush ...
Beliefnet.com - New York, NY, USA - February 9, 2005
... The American Friends Service Committee, a Philadelphia-based Quaker
organization, has launched a "Save Our Services (SOS!) Campaign" to
counter some of the proposed cuts in federal programs.  "As people of
conscience, we cannot accept a budget that changes the rules governing
Social Security, the tax code, and eligibility for basic services in
ways that increase inequality and poverty," said Roberta Spivek,
director of the campaign, in a statement….


12.  Inventor of copier, Clevelander among hall of fame inductees
                 Cleveland Plain Dealer, OH - February 10, 2005
                 ... A Quaker, he refused to work on any defense-related
projects. "Follow your bliss," he advises young people who might want
                 to follow in his footsteps. ...



"Truth often suffers more by the heat of its defenders, than from the
arguments of its opposers."
- William Penn

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