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Dear Friends,

    I made a commitment earlier in the week to post materials objectionable at Cookeville High School to the SAYMA list late Monday evening.  So first, my apologies for not keeping that commitment.  That night I couldn't get a connection to my e-mail service.  Since then, my schedule has been full.

    A packet of materials was handed to me on Monday by one of the Veterans for Peace under the message,  "The following materials were brought to the office on the day they were handed out in the commons area."  "The Office" means the high school office and "the commons area" is the area where the Veterans for Peace/Cookeville Friends table was, along with others.  The message did not specify exactly which were the objectionable materials.

1.  Do You Know Enough to Enlist?  From AFSC's Youth and Militarism Program.  
     www.afsc.org/youthmil/Default.htm   From the menu on the left, choose "Resource List."  Under "Do You  
    Know Enough to Enlist?" click on "Download PDF Brochure."

2.  Veterans for Peace Iraq Water Project.  From Veterans for Peace.  
    www.iraqwaterproject.org   In the menu on the left, select "What's New?"  Then select "latest brochure, Nov. 
   2003."  You can verify you are at the right place by the caption under the two pictures in the upper right hand 
   corner.  It says "Typical reconstruction of an Iraqi water plant."

3.  A hand-out which said:
"THE ARMY THAT CAN DEFEAT TERRORISM doesn't drive Humvees, or call in airstrikes.  It doesn't have a high command, or high security, or a high budget.

THE ARMY THAT CAN DEFEAT TERRORISM does battle quietly, clearing minefields and vaccinating children.

It undermines military dictatorships and military libbyists.  It subverts sweatshops and special interests.

Where people feel powerless, it helps them organize for change, and where people are powerful, it reminds them of their responsibility."

Author Unknown

"Our enemies are not people...They are desperation, poverty and humiliation."  
General George C. Marshall, architect of the plan to rebuild Europe after WW2, was last to be falsely accused of being a communist.  This accusation brought McCarthyism to an end.

Veterans For Peace chapter 89 Nashville


4.  A hand-out which said:

Alternatives to Military Enlistment


American Friends Service Committee Youth & Militarism Program



Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors



Committee Opposed to Militarism and the Draft



Nonmilitary Options for Youth



Project on Youth and Non-Military Opportunities (Project YANO)





Cookeville Preparative Meeting

Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)


You are welcome to join us for worship, 

Sundays, 10:00 AM, 

Lower Level of Wesley Center, 

271 E. Ninth Street, Cookeville, TN.


August 29, 2004


I am the one who put the name of the Friends meeting on the fourth hand out.  (I tend to look for who published something as part of evaluating it.)  Since then it has been pointed out to me that distributing this COULD be interpreted as violation of separation of church and state.  That will be removed and we'll let the Web sites stand for themselves.

Again, I ask that you hold us all, everybody involved, in the Light.


Deanna Nipp

Cookeville Preparative Meeting

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