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Susan Jeffers susan at read-the-bible.org
Sat Feb 12 11:46:39 JEST 2005

Thanks so much for sending the list of materials and how to access them 

So far I've only gotten to item 2, the Veterans for Peace Iraq Water 
Project.  It certainly qualifies as "partisan" in my view -- positioning 
itself as "at ethical dagger points" with the current administration and 
including almost as much anti-administration rhetoric (e.g. "the Bush 
neo-imperial" approach; "gigantic US corporations with moneyed tentacles 
wrapped around the heart of Washington..." etc.) as information about the 
Water Project itself.

It seems to me that if the school's objection is to "political" in the 
sense of "partisan" materials, this is definitely one piece that should be 
excluded; perhaps Veterans for Peace could consider producing another 
brochure about their water project that leaves out the partisan part... 
unless the Water Project's primary purpose is partisan, of course.

It also seems to me that a broader range of teens might be open to the 
literature if it stuck closer to "alternatives to military service" or 
"thinking twice about enlisting" rather than assuming a whole 
anti-administration political analysis... Presumably a person who agreed 
with the Veterans for Peace take on the war wouldn't be thinking of 
enlisting in the first place; hence it's preaching to the choir.

Thanks again -- sorry to make work for you -- I really appreciate it, 
though, as I've been wondering what sorts of literature is being provided 
to high schoolers these days --

Susan Jeffers

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