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Dear Friends,

A column written by one of our attenders that will be published this week 
in our hometown newspaper.


>I thought you might enjoy this column that will run in the papers this 
>week and pass along to other Friends.
>     Republicans like to make a point that the Democratic Party of today is
>not like the party of yesterday. As the argument goes, the Democrats have
>abandoned their principles and have left their constituents behind.
>     I maintain that it's the Republicans who have changed their course and
>have abandoned the principles of the Grand Old Party. Republicans of today
>no longer follow the beliefs  of Lincoln, Taft or Eisenhower. They no longer
>have statesmen like Henry Cabot Lodge or Everett Dirksen.
>     Lincoln wrote the Emancipation Proclamation and freed the slaves. For
>many years, the Republicans represented most African-Americans. The
>Republicans today do little to attract African-American voters. Condelesa
>Rice and Colin Powell are merely tokens for Bush's imperialistic policies
>and are nowhere near the mainstream black voter.
>     Early in life, I had much exposure to Republicans. My grandfather and
>several uncles were Republicans of the Coolidge variety who were no friends
>of Roosevelt and big government. They believed that government should stay
>out of people's lives  as much as possible. They bemoaned all the government
>regulations that came with FDR's administration.
>      My Republican kinfolk also didn't believe in war. They believed America
>should stay out of foreign alliances and shouldn't try to police the world.
>Many Republicans of their day insisted that Roosevelt knew about the pending
>Pearl Harbor attack, but let it happen so that the event would fan the war
>flames in America. His ultimate goal was to get us into war with Hitler,
>they argued.
>     While I don't agree with all those presumptions, I do think the GOP of
>the current George Bush era is far removed from the Republicans who believed
>war should be the last resort and not something waged unilaterally by the
>United States.  Preemptive strikes were the actions of Hitler, Mussolini and
>Stalin, not Americans in their day.
>     Republicans were a rarity in the old South. The few who were around
>maintained that one-party politics was  bad for democracy and led  to
>corruption. They were absolutely right! Some of the darkest days of the
>South were when Democrats had nearly total control of government. The South
>of those days was one of stolen elections, Jim Crow laws, backroom deals and
>     Sadly, the pendulum has swung too far in the other direction and we're
>rapidly moving toward a one-party South, controlled by right wing
>Republicans, not the GOP of the old days. While it may not be corrupt just
>yet, it doesn't take long when a single, narrow-minded type of thinking
>controls the politics. It happened in the Democratic days and it will happen
>with the Republicans.
>     It's apparent that Republicans no longer believe, "government that
>governs least governs best." They're trying to bring government control over
>our private lives and business. The Georgia state government is leading this
>march to Big Brother rule.
>     For example, take Georgia Senate Bill 5. At a time when the common
>people are worried about growing  government power, this law would expand
>the power of eminent domain. This is the power of the government to take
>private land for public use. In the past, these  actions were limited mostly
>to  building highways or utilities. Now the move is on to expand the meaning
>of  "public" to include private businesses being lured by Local government
>development authorities. You could one day find your home being condemned so
>that a new discount center could be built in its place.
>     Along the same lines, Republicans with House Bill 218 want to water down
>the state's Sunshine Laws to allow local governments to recruit businesses
>in absolute secrecy. Under the law, local officials could be negotiating to
>bring a hazardous waste dump next door to you and you wouldn't know anything
>about it until the construction started.
>     Then, when you consider that Republicans are already trying to undermine
>women's rights to their own health decisions  and school districts' rights
>to set their own calendars, it gets very scary indeed. Hopefully, Georgia
>voters will wake up, see what's happening and change the course of things.
>One-party politics is no good, no matter what  party is in control.

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