[saymaListserv] Urgent: Call on your Senators to oppose the so called "Clear Skies" bill

Steve Livingston nc_stereoman at charter.net
Mon Feb 14 23:34:43 JEST 2005

Thanks for your call to action, Free. The Administration's "Clear 
Skies" (or as some would call it "Clear Lies") Initiative is not just 
about Georgia, it affects all of us, and in many ways. We Quakers 
who consider ourselves stewards of our environment would do well 
to familiarize ourselves with the legislation and write and talk about 
our concerns - not only to our Senators, but to our fellow citizens 
and our newspapers.

When I grow up I want a Prius! For now all I can manage is to 
reduce my driving by 50%, which I have done over the past two 
years. I was going to sock away all the money I'm not spending on 
gas, but just then the prices went up at the pump. Dang!


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