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Sun Feb 27 18:20:26 JEST 2005

Cookeville Friends will be now be allowed back into Cookeville High School with information on alternatives to military enlistment.  The news came to us in the form of an e-mail Hector Black sent after a meeting he and one of the Veterans for Peace had Friday with the Director (superintendent) of Schools.  Here are the details Hector gives on access:

"We are to be given complete and equal access to any of the high schools in Putnam County.  If there are military bulletin boards, we will have one, we can come as often as we like.  The only restriction is one that was included in the court case in GA which was cited by Mel [the ACLU lawyer] in her letter.  Something about not being able to denigrate a career in the military.  I can give more details and quote when I have more time.   Just wanted to let you know the good news.  No censorship of our materials.  If there is an objection on the part of student or parent, we will be contacted and can sit down and discuss the issue and try to work out a solution."

Gentle Friends, the Cookeville meeting has not been led to issue a press release at this time and asks that participants in the SAYMA list will respect that leading.

In peace and humility, gratitude and joy,


Deanna Nipp
Cookeville Preparative Meeting

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