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 Subject: IMP^o^ 182 fyi/reminder re YM listserv 

IMP^o^  Bulletin 182
fyi / reminder....
.....re SAYMA listserve replies
where your reply goes

(from the SAYMA Administrative Assistant)

<|>    For the benefit of recent listserv subscribers, and f/Friends who may have forgotten...

<|>    ...where your reply to a listserv message goes depends on what button (or menu item) you choose.

<|>    If you choose "reply" (or whatever word your email program uses), your response goes only to the person who posted the message.

<|>    If you choose "reply all" (or whatever...) your response goes to the poster and to the list

~~~~~~ end  ^o^  ~~~~~~ 1stpost 022205 ~~~~~~

IMP  ^o^  ... "Information Made Present"

is a bulletin service of the SAYMA office to provide practical details 
to our geographically-challenged Yearly Meeting via our free
list-server:  semi-official information, bulletins that you can print,
post, announce, publish, or pass around.  Please address questions, 
corrections and additions to AdminAsst at sayma.org, 
276-628-5852 (machine; in-person Tu/Th 5-7:30p), or 
SAYMA Admin Asst, PO Box 2191, Abingdon, VA 24212-2191.  
Thank you!  ^o^ 
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