[saymaListserv] Earth Charter and the new Energy Bill being considered

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Thu Jun 23 13:24:35 JEST 2005

Hi Friends,

In light of our Yearly Meeting's minute supporting the The Earth 
Charter,  ( www.earthcharter.org ) this message from the Southern Alliance 
for Clean Energy (SACE) is very timely.    SACE has a website with 
information on the energy bill being considered in congress.

Please check it out and see what you are led to do about it.



>Do you want to learn more about the Energy Bill than what the 30-second 
>coverage on the news tells you?
>Visit the Take Action section of Southern Alliance for Clean Energy's 
>(SACE) website, <http://www.cleanenergy.org>www.cleanenergy.org. We are 
>tracking some key provisions as they are being considered for attachment 
>to the Senate's version of the Energy Bill, and we will update the page 
>daily to reflect key votes.
><http://www.cleanenergy.org/takeaction/detail.cfm?id>Click here to go 
>directly to SACE's Energy Bill page.
>We hope this serves as a useful resource for you as you express your views 
>to your Senators and discuss events of the day with friends and family. 
>Please feel free to pass this link along to anyone you think would be 
>interested in the details of the Energy Bill.
>If this is your first time visiting our website, take the time to explore 
>the many resources we have available. Thank you for your support of a 
>clean energy future.
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