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Dear Friends,

Quakers in the News has reached over 1000 email subscribers per week all over 
the world.   Thanks to all who have given their support!

Please feel free to click on any blue underlined title to read an abstract, 
and the full text of these stories.  As always, you may visit 
http://quakersinthenews.blogspot.com to see or comment on a chronological archive of news 
stories this year.

The most widely reported story this week with 15 instances in mid market new 
journals in the US:
Quaker History/Business/Ethnic Diversity/Pioneer's life is dug up at 
Philadelphia's Independence Hall/Duluth News Tribune/Duluth/MN/USA/19-Jun-05/Knight 

A tie for the most widely reported story, perhaps, distributed in 5 major 
markets in the US and Asia was:
Natural Science/Medicine///Deep, Dark Secrets of His and Her Brains/Los 
Angeles Times/Los Angeles/CA/USA/17-Jun-05/


The most interesting story, to me, as well as the third most widely reported 
of the week, is:
FCNL/War/Iraq//Breaking ranks/Asia Times Online/Hong 
Friends might understand that even a Friends organization, might try to 
'retire' those who break ranks and speak out.

Another very interesting story is:
Forgiveness/Recorded Ministry/Nelson, Nancy J./COLLEGE NOTES

The remaining stories showing the face of Quakerism this week are as follows:
Category/Article Title/Source/City/Area/Region/Date/Wire Service

Women/Mott, Lucretia//Birthplace of women’s equality/Charleston Sunday 
Gazette Mail/Charleston/WV/USA/19-Jun-05/
War/Iraq///Peace churches plan alternatives to draft/Bradenton 
Herald/Bradenton/FL/USA/19-Jun-05/Knight Ridder
Simplicity////Living simply in a complicated world/Hickory Daily 
Religious Diversity/Immigration/Meetinghouse/The Terrorism Case that Wasn't
/The NewStandard/Syracuse/NY/USA/18-Jun-05/
Quaker Schools/Public Schools/Haverford//Winning students goal-oriented, 
passionate/Danbury News Times/Danbury/CT/USA/19-Jun-05/
Quaker Schools/Politics and Economics/Nationally, praise for the decision
/Philadelphia Inquirer/Philadelphia/PA/USA/21-Jun-05/
Quaker Schools///Life in Haviland centers around schools, family and the 
barrel/Pratt Tribune/Pratt/KS/USA/15-Jun-05/
Quaker History/Penn, William//Slippery Rock historian finds state a keystone 
in Colonial history/Pittsburgh Post Gazette/Pittsburgh/PA/USA/18-Jun-05/
Quaker History/Natural Science/Medicine//In Perry, city has a gem/Pasadena 
Quaker History/Meetinghouse//Camden Friends open meetinghouse today for 
bicentennial .../The News Journal/Wilmington/DE/USA/21-Jun-05/
Quaker History/Immigration/Palmer, A. Mitchell/Morse: When terrorists hit 
Newton/Newton TAB/Newton/MA/USA/15-Jun-05/
Quaker History/Business///A pioneer family
Quaker History/Architecture//Spring Hill added to historic register/Loudoun 
Quaker History/American Revolution/Greene, Nathanael/Drama in the great 
Public Schools/Honesty///Roast sends off retiring school chief/Rutland 
Peace Activity///They Starved So That Others Be Better Fed: Remembering Ancel 
Keys .../RedNova.com/Dallas/TX/USA/18-Jun-05/
Meetinghouse///Water works submits filtration plant plans/The Journal 
News.com/White Plains/NY/USA/18-Jun-05/
Environment/Pendle Hill//THE PLOWBOY INTERVIEW EUELL GIBBONS/Mother Earth 
Business /Pacifism///Cruisin' Oregon with the top down, then up/Los Angeles 
Times/Los Angeles/CA/USA/16-Jun-05/
Business/Horticulture/Hicks, Isaac/Fathers and sons rooted in LI soil
/Newsday/Long Island/NY/USA/19-Jun-05/
Arts/Film///Capturing Rustin's life/Chicago Tribune/Chicago/IL/USA/22-Jun-05/
AFSC/Youth///CRLS grad declares run for School Comm./Cambridge 
AFSC/War/Iraq//Gerson: Why I committed civil disobedience to stop the killing
/Cambridge Chronicle/Cambridge/MA/USA/21-Jun-05/
AFSC/War/Iraq//Panelists question recruiting tactics
/DesMoinesRegister.com/Des Moines/IA/USA/22-Jun-05/
AFSC/Politics and Economics/Iraq//Iraqi labor leader to hold Montpelier forum
/Barre Montpelier Times Argus/Barre/VT/USA/21-Jun-05/
AFSC/International Conflict/Israel/Gaza/Metro Record
/DesMoinesRegister.com/Des Moines/IA/USA/22-Jun-05/
AFSC/Immigration/Minuteman/Oceanside man severs Minuteman ties/North County 
AFSC/Immigration/Activist//Immigrant activists blast conditions at detention 
center/Philadelphia Inquirer/Philadelphia/PA/USA/21-Jun-05/AP
AFSC/Immigration//Police caution immigrant laborers against thieves/Vida en 
el Valle/Sacramento/CA/USA/22-Jun-05/

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