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Dear Friend,
Welcome to Quakers in the News.  Please click the blue underlined links to 
see stories.

The most widely covered story of the week did not mention Quaker, however it 
did mention AFSC, and was featured in the 'National' Section of USA Today, 
AFSC / War / Politics and Economics' Counter-recruiters' shadowing the 
military  USA Today - Mar 7, 2005

The most inspiring Quaker story to me this week (also very widely read) was:
Religious Faith / Community `Angel' to fly off after earning wings at Cabrini 
Chicago Tribune, USA- Mar 8, 2005

For an abstract of each story and links to the full text stories, or to make 
comments on any story for others to share, please see 

Please see below for a quick survey of this week's news topics and details 
which name or relate to Quakerism. 

ACLU / Church and State ACLU files suit over land lease to Mormon church 
Billings Gazette, MT, USA ,AZ Central.com, AZ USA – March 9, 2005
AFSC / Conscientious Objecton / Israel Some Israeli youths refuse to enlist 
Washington Square News, NY, USA - Mar 7, 2005
AFSC / Immigration - Immigration crackdown nets laborers NorthJersey.com, NJ, 
USA - Mar 6, 2005
AFSC / International Conflict / Israel-Palestine Israel-Palestine Conflict Is 
Called A ‘Human Rights Challenge To ... TheDay, CT, USA – March 6, 2005
AFSC / War  Peace church youth to war Lancaster Newspapers, PA, USA – March 
7, 2005
AFSC / War / Concientious Objection / Boston-MA Harper's Magazine, February 
23, 2005
AFSC / War / Politics and Economics' Counter-recruiters' shadowing the 
military  USA Today - Mar 7, 2005
AFSC / War Touring Anti-War Exhibit Limited By Permit San Diego Union Tribune 
USA – March 9, 2005   
AFSC / War/ Tucson-AZ Touring exhibit honors military casualties Arizona 
Daily Wildcat, AZ, USA - Mar 4, 2005
Andean Quaker Service Committee / Women / War / Colombia LATIN AMERICA: Civil 
Society Has Role to Play in Conflict ... Inter Press Service, World - Mar 4, 
Arts / Film Actress mixes porn and prayers Stuff.co.nz, New Zealand – March 
9, 2005
Arts / Music / Business  MPO musicians pull a few strings to find time for 
practice ...  Marion Chronicle Tribune, IN - Mar 5, 2005
Christian Peacemaker Terms / War Bringing Peace to War-Torn City Burke 
Connection, VA - Mar 3, 2005
Community / Quaker History / Trueblood The Most Consequential Body in the 
World - Agape Press / Christian News Service, MS, USA - Mar 3, 2005
DEATH PENALTYAlbuquerque Journal, NM, USA - Mar 3, 2005
Ecology / Palm Beach-FL Bulletin Board for Palm Beach County 
Sun-Sentinel.com, FL, USA - Mar 8, 2005
FCNL / International Conflict / Sudan Super Storytellers The Shorthorn, TX, 
USA - March 9, 2005
Humanitarian Assistance / Health / Community So long, Doc 
SouthCoastToday.com, MA, USA – March 8, 2005
Humanitarian Assistance / Health Friends hosting blood drive  Mooresville / 
Decatur Times, IN, USA- Mar 5, 2005
Humanitarian Assistance / Homelessness -VA Taking care of her 'guys' Daily 
Press, VA, USA  - Mar 3, 2005
Outreach / Arts / Dance Moto-X coming to Coolman Gym Wabash Plain Dealer, IN, 
USA - Mar 5, 2005
Politics and Economics / Child Care Friends Meeting House to become childcare 
centre Waterford News, Ireland, E.U. - Mar 4, 2005
Politics and Economics / Religious Faith / Opinion Democrats must reclaim 
moral ground Atlanta Journal Constitution, GA, USA - Mar 8, 2005
Quaker History / Religous Faith Program on power of prayer given on World Day 
of Prayer Fort Morgan Times, CO, USA - Mar 8, 2005
Quaker Influence / Religious Faith The First Jesus Freak Orange County 
Weekly, CA, USA - Mar 3, 2005     
Religious Faith / Community `Angel' to fly off after earning wings at Cabrini 
Chicago Tribune, USA- Mar 8, 2005
War / Draft  Forum to discuss chances that US will revive the draft Chicago 
Tribune, USA- Mar 4, 2005


An inspiring story not mentioning Quakers per se, but in the spirit of 
Quakerism is:

Class Requirement: Crossing Lines on the Middle East
New York Times, NY, USA -  March 8, 2005    


Class Requirement: Crossing Lines on the Middle East 


    Decades before the rest of the world followed suit, the United Nations 
briefly lived in Queens. The Secretariat building may now tower over Manhattan, 
but the borough across the East River has arguably done a better job of 
bringing together people born under every flag on earth - including a few banners 
once carried by warring armies.

Being the city's most diverse borough could be intimidating, given the 
potential for ethnic conflict over slights real or imagined. But one glance at any 
subway car
shows people are too busy going to school or work (or both) to get caught up 
in any nonsense that would set them back. 

Better yet, take a look at Queens College, where Prof. Mark Rosenblum sees 
duty amid diversity. On a campus where increasing numbers of Muslim students 
study alongside Jews, he has been able to foster a civil dialogue over one of the 
era's most divisive issues, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Avoiding the 
strident debate on other campuses, most recently Columbia University, he has 
gotten students on opposite sides of the issue to make their best case - for the 
other side.....
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