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From: Nancy Winfrey
Date: 03/14/05 10:13:17
To: free polazzo
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inArmed forces!
Not only have I not heard of anyone here in high school supporting a peace
effort, but Clemson U, where my son-in-law teaches, has had a recent
incident which is disgusting area 'liberals'.
The young on-campus Republicans (they have a club!) put out news that a
peace rally would be held on Bowman Field (the main campus entrance) last
week.  They invited local newspapers to the "rally", which was attended by
several anti-war demonstrators in good faith.  Then the students who issued
the invitation proceeded to counter-march with extremely derogatory
anti-liberal signs and signs supported the Bush war and Republican party. 
The apparent head of the club showed up in disguise and proceeded to give an
inflammatory speech against the peace marchers.
The Anderson Mail wrote a piece censuring this behavior, and several friends
have blogged that they are sending the president of the U. protesting
Yes, discrimination is alive and well here, too.
I can only hope and pray that this period in our country will correct itself
Nancy Winfrey
Greenville, SC MM
Clemson SC WG
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From: free polazzo
Date: 03/14/05 09:02:15
To: sayma at kitenet.net; Atlanta Friends Meeting
Subject: [saymaListserv] High School Students in Israel refuse to serve
inArmed forces!
Dear Friends,

Good news in an Isreali newspaper today.    Hundreds of Isreali high school
students have signed a public letter stating their intention to refuse to
serve as oppressors of Palestinians in the Isreali Defense Force (IDF).

As always, young people are a large part of the answer to many of our peace

I am so happy to see this report and wanted to share it with our community.

Does anyone know of such efforts in any of SAYMA's High Schools?



The URL is

 Haaretz English 
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