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IMP ^o^ Bulletin 185
Threshing session at Yearly Meeting --
"Consider YM name change?"  
...listening & sharing in June....

(An announcement from Kristi Estes, SAYMA clerk, also
        mailed to all meeting & worship group clerks and contacts)

<|>   Do we want to consider 
        changing the name of the Yearly Meeting?

<|>   A threshing meeting will be scheduled to consider this question at our yearly meeting sessions at Warren Wilson College in June. Because this question bears a level of consideration and time that may not be available at our regular Meetings for Business we will use the threshing session as a way of listening and sharing.

<|>   What is a threshing meeting?   
          When dealing with issues that may be difficult, controversial, or complex, a Threshing Meeting allows an airing of differences and sharing of information that may be useful for later decision making. No decision is expected and unity does not have to be achieved at a threshing session. Instead the outcomes are reported back to the Meeting for Business. 

<|>   Guidelines for a threshing include: 
          1) speak from personal experience
          2) do not reply to or rebut others
          3) all ideas and thoughts on an issue are welcome
          4) everyone should have a chance to speak
          5) Friends have a responsibility to make
                    dissenting views known
          6) passion is permitted 

<|>   The usefulness of a threshing meeting is dependent on the participation of Friends with varying views being willing to hear and share with each other.  

<|>    Background of the proposal to change the name of
         Southern Appalachian Yearly Meeting and Association

<|> In 2003, while reviewing the Yearly Meeting section of the Guide to Our Faith and Our Practice, the revision committee considered dropping the word "Association" from our name. Having individual members, from remote areas, "associating" with the Yearly Meeting -- independent of a monthly meeting -- is not current practice. This was followed by the awareness that we were a growing Yearly Meeting no longer defined by the "Appalachian" designation that was a part of our early formation. With prayerful consideration the committee recommended changing the name to "Southern Yearly Meeting." The proposal was sent out and considered by Monthly Meetings. The responses to this recommendation were varied and a summary is included below. No unity was reached at Yearly Meeting business sessions. At this time we will not consider WHAT the name might be changed to, but only IF the change should be considered at all. 

<|>    16 monthly meetings responded to
          the name change proposal
                  7 responded yes to changing the name
                        but 3 of these suggested different names
                  4 were not sure/no unity
                  1 responded no
                  4 had no comment

<|>    Comments from meetings and individuals include: 
           (some of which were summarized and combined)
    -- Change is inevitable.
    -- I like SAYMA.
    -- The change means we take on a sense of ownership of a certain territory and we may grow into this territory.
    -- I don't think we need a change.
    -- Such a large designation suggests our geographic area, one that with current growth may include an unreasonably large number of Friends. This may cause us to be severely geographically challenged. We should consider splitting into 2 yearly meetings/quarterly meetings first. 
    -- We are in unity with the name change, but prefer Southern Appalachian Yearly Meeting, or a name reflecting our geology.
    -- We have no strong feelings regarding the name change.
    -- We approved changing the name.
    -- Our meeting strongly opposes changing the name.
    -- We had no objection to a name change. SYM is a more accurate representation.
    -- We approve the changing of the name..we are not in agreement with the suggestion of Southern Yearly Meeting..
    -- The name change is fine with us.
<|>    Please join us in June to consider this question, but most importantly to meet for fellowship, worship, and working together as a Yearly Meeting!

<|>    In peace, Kristi Estes, clerk

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