[saymaListserv] Yearly Meeting Registration Materials Available

Errol Hess errol at kitenet.net
Fri Mar 18 13:43:05 JEST 2005

Dear Friends,

I ask you, as involved members of SAYMA, to help "get out the vote" for a vital yearly meeting.

Copies of the SAYMA Advance Program were mailed today to all meetings and worship groups.  The program and registration forms will soon be posted at www.sayma.org.

Please encourage Friends and attenders in your acquaintance who have never gone to yearly meeting to attend this year.  It is important for the unity of Quakerism to get folks out to yearly meeting, where "cross pollenization" can happen.

Remind Friends to mail in registrations early.  To avoid a penalty, registration forms must be postmarked by May 10.  It is easy to let deadlines slip by, so do it now before it is forgotten.  A bonus:  early registrants will get first choice of workshops.

I hope to see you at SAYMA June 9--12.

Errol Hess
Yearly Meeting Planning Committee Clerk

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