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Received from Susan Cozzens, Atlanta Friends Meeting, for posting on the SAYMA listserv.  

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2nd National Conference
June 24-26 - Atlanta, Georgia

Are you a white ally of the black-led movement for slavery reparations?  Then join C.U.R.E.* in Atlanta, Georgia, as we 
  1) learn more about reparations, 
  2) examine how to be effective advocates, 
  3) take an honest look at ourselves as allies in the Black Reparations Movement, and 
  4) undertake to strengthen and improve upon our efforts.  
We will address these and other questions in panels and in dialogue during the two-day conference.
  a.. What was the role of race, class and religion in slavery and its aftermath, and how do we look at reparations through this lens today? 
  b.. What approaches work best when engaging other white people in conversations about reparations? 
  c.. In the past, what have white allies done right and what have we done wrong when supporting black movements? 
  d.. With the past in mind, how can we best support today's movement for justice through reparations? 
  e.. As it grows, how can C.U.R.E. organize itself so as to positively influence white America and help make reparations a reality. 
Highlights of the conference will be visits from Black Reparations leaders who are in Atlanta to attend the annual N'COBRA conference.  We also anticipate media activities surrounding the launch of CURE's new book entitled "The Debtors: Whites Respond to the Call for Black Repartions."  The conference will arrange outings in Atlanta, such as a trip to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center, for those who are interested.
Registration fee: $20-$40 (sliding scale).  Includes lunch Friday and Saturday and a copy of CURE's new book, "The Debtors: Whites Respond to the Call for Black Reparations."
Limited free and low-cost housing available.  Please register for that by May 1st.
Watch for detailed program and other information to be posted at the CURE website:  www.ReparationsTheCURE.org.
For more information phone Jerry at 206/723-3660
or e-mail Kathryn at kgordon at pa.net
*Caucasians United for Reparations and Emancipation. 
Mailing Address________________________________________________________________
E-mail address_________________________________________________________________
Registration fee enclosed  $________   Donation enclosed $________
 _______ If you are interested in a free or very low-cost place to stay with friends of C.U.R.E in Atlanta, please check here and also e-mail us at kgordon at pa.net
Please let us know about any dietary restrictions you have.  Use back if needed.
Make checks payable to CURE.  Mail to:
  Larry Yates
  79 Indian Camp Trail
  Maurertown VA 22644
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