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IMP^o^ Bulletin 30, updated
"Dear f/Friends -- 
revisited: what an IMP^o^ bulletin . . .
. . . does and is"

(Administrative Assistant's note:  an updated edition for f/Friends who haven't seen it before)

<|>   IMP^o^ bulletins have been in use for quite a while now...

<|>  ...but not everyone is familiar with what they are and do.

<|>  There's a difference between sayma at kitenet.net (an e-mail list-server, sort of a post office) and the IMP^o^ bulletins (which "ride" on the list-server, carried by our "postal worker").

<|>  Anyone can subscribe to, and then post messages on, sayma at kitenet.net.

<|>  IMP^o^ bulletins come from the SAYMA office, and are posted to sayma at kitenet.net.

<|>  Anyone who subscribes to sayma at kitenet.net gets messages from individuals as well as IMP^o^ bulletins.

<|>  The following describes what an IMP^o^ is intended to be and do.

<|>  IMP^o^ = "Information Made Present"
  a.. IMP^o^'s main goal is to make information available to meetings and worship groups, SAYMA appointees, and SAYMA f/Friends generally 
  b.. bulletins are about information, not primarily to raise issues 
  c.. messages about issues report them as business or activities in meetings or in SAYMA
<|>  "a bulletin service"
  a.. bulletins are user-friendly and brief
  b.. bulletins seek to support -- in tone, content, and timing -- busy f/Friends, meetings with limited resources, and sometimes-stretched SAYMA appointees
  c.. bulletins are meant to serve the on-going interests of SAYMA f/Friends, the YM, and its meetings and worship groups
  d.. bulletins seek to build faith in their own reliability as a service
<|>  "to provide practical details"
  a.. bulletins are a way to provide convenient reminders 
  b.. bulletins seek to give details otherwise unavailable or likely to be overlooked 
  c.. bulletins seek to provide information of near-term consequence
<|>  "bulletins that you can print, post, announce, publish, or pass around"
  a.. bulletins, in tone and form, seek to encourage f/Friends to use them in local communications and business process 
  b.. the IMP^o^ logo -- visible in e-mail inboxes -- allows infrequent readers of sayma at kitenet.net to selectively read and forward information
<|>  "via our list-server"
  a.. the IMP^o^ service recognizes that e-mail is used by many, but not all 
  b.. IMP^o^ messages will be Friendly to the f/Friends who volunteer to pass them along 
  c.. each bulletin informs readers how to subscribe to sayma at kitenet.net 
  d.. bulletins encourage unsubscribed f/Friends to attempt access to sayma at kitenet.net 
  e.. bulletins seek to make good use of an available electronic resource 
  f.. bulletins speak appropriately in a media for which the ultimate audience is unlimited and unknowable
<|>  "semi-official information"
  a.. bulletins will build confidence that they reflect the business proceedings of SAYMA and its meetings 
  b.. bulletins are transparent about their sources 
  c.. a bulletin releases only information intended, by its source, for general publication within SAYMA 
  d.. a bulletin, whenever possible, is written by the person needing to distribute information 
  e.. bulletins recognize Friendly inclusiveness, that no one source has all the truth 
  f.. bulletins seek to be accurate, adequate, and mindful of consequences 
  g.. bulletins seek to clarify and support Quaker process within SAYMA
<|>  "our geographically-challenged Yearly Meeting"
  a.. bulletins try to make up for some of the effects of distance in SAYMA 
  b.. IMP^o^ seeks, through information, to link us better as a community 
  c.. bulletins seek to provide information that enables SAYMA f/Friends to work together 
  d.. IMP^o^ bulletins supplement the Southern Appalachian Friend newsletter
<|>  "of the SAYMA office"
  a.. IMP^o^ bulletins are prepared and published by the SAYMA Administrative Assistant 
  b.. the IMP^o^ logo signifies its role as a recognized source of information 
  c.. the content of bulletins is not proprietary, and may be freely quoted 
  d.. bulletins are not necessarily the only source of information on a topic
~~~~~~ end ^o^ ~~~~~~ updated 032105 ~~~~~~

IMP ^o^ ... "Information Made Present"

is a bulletin service of the SAYMA office to provide practical details to our geographically-challenged Yearly Meeting via our list-server:  semi-official information, bulletins that you can print, post, announce, publish, or pass around.  Please address questions, corrections and additions to AdminAsst at sayma.org, 276-628-5852 (machine; in-person Tu/Th 5-7:30p), or SAYMA Administrative Assistant, PO Box 2191, Abingdon, VA 24212-2191.  
Thank you!  ^o^ 
To receive IMP^o^ bulletins, subscribe to the list server, sayma at kitenet.net.  You can subscribe on the web at http://kitenet.net/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/sayma.
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