[saymaListserv] Fourth Month Update: SEYMpeace.org

Michael Austin Shell bright_crow at mindspring.com
Thu Mar 31 23:09:02 JEST 2005


I invite you to visit the First Day, Fourth Month, update of Southeastern 
Yearly Meeting's P&SC website: http://www.seympeace.org/


Note: The "Thought for Third Month" 
http://www.seympeace.org/reading.html#gwyn2 considered Douglas Gwyn's 
discussion of the phrase "that of God."

This month's entry http://www.seympeace.org/#THOUGHT draws upon Howard 
Brinton's discussion of the Quaker notion that at a given time each person 
receives a "measure of the Light."

Both of these readings are relevant to the question of how Friends go about 
living the testimonies.

Blessed Be,

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