[saymaListserv] FWD: "Mission Creep," NY Times, 10/4/05

Mike Shell bright_crow at mindspring.com
Tue Oct 4 07:40:34 JEST 2005


Please read and share this Op/Ed piece from today's New York Times:


October 4, 2005
Mission Creep 
Geneva, N.Y.

"...Obviously the armed forces and the Peace Corps serve the national interest, but they do so in fundamentally different ways. Making this distinction clear - letting the world know that the Peace Corps is an independent entity - has been a basic tenet of American policy for decades. 

Unfortunately, this line has been blurred. In August, the military began promoting a recruitment program that allows soldiers, after a period of active and reserve duty, to fulfill their commitment by serving in the Peace Corps. By 2007, about 4,300 recruits will be eligible for this option. 

How did this happen? Three years ago, a provision for this enlistment incentive was inserted in a defense authorization bill and enacted into law without hearings or any apparent consultation with Peace Corps officials. However well-intentioned, this provision unwittingly abandoned longstanding policy that is essential to the Peace Corps mission and the personal safety of individual volunteers...."


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