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Daryl Bergquist earthsteward at urisp.net
Sat Oct 8 12:54:08 JEST 2005

FDS is Friends Disaster Service from North Carolina Yearly Meeting 
(FUM).  This message was sent me by David Hobson who serves as a pastor 
with in NCYM.  David and I served together on the AFSC SERO Executive 
Committee. I have great respect for David and the work he does.

Daryl Bergquist - Royal Worship Group

Dear F/friends,
Wiley and Shelby Shore called this morning enroute between Atlanta, GA 
and Columbia, SC.  They visited in the Gulf Coast area yesterday.

He asked that this concern be announced as quickly and as much as possible.

NCYM FDS will be going to Bogalusa, Louisiana for the Oct 16-22 work week.
Groups will be leaving at 7 am on Oct 16 from Branon Friends and the 
Greensboro area.

AND  /*As Many Workers As Can Go ARE NEEDED!!!*/

Anyone/Everyone Interested will be needed to work on roof 
repair/replacement in Bogalusa.
Bogalusa is a (former) paper mill town with lots of senior citizens with 
limited income/resources.
/*The concern is to get roofs replaced before winter.*/
The city suffered more wind and tree damage to roofs than any flood damage
The eye of H. Katrina went directly over the city.)
Folks there hope that roof repairs could be completed on 20 houses 
during the week!!
((It can be nice to dream BIG!!))

                call Wiley Shore at 336/ 679-8466  or  email at 
_wshore at yadtel.net

_NCYM FDS  will be coordinating with *Memorial Baptist Church* 
(Bogalusa, LA) 985/ 735 8880 for the work projects, meals and housing.

NCYM FDS will need to buy some shingles for this work week.  Funds for 
later workcamps will also be needed.

Bogalusa is almost due north of New Orleans, in Washington County, LA at 
the junction of LA 10 and LA 21.  The Pearl River and Mississippi state 
line are the eastern boundary of the county and the Mississippi state 
line is the northern boundary of the county.

David Hobson

PS:  send replies directly to Wiley!!
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