[saymaListserv] More on "War, Peace and the American Imagination"

free polazzo freepolazzo at comcast.net
Sat Oct 22 13:20:36 JEST 2005

Dear Friends,

War and Peace are two subjects that Friends often find themselves 
speaking and praying about.

I wish to share some insights offered, here in Atlanta, last month at 
an evening event where James HIllman and Depak Chopra spoke in a 
setting moderated by Jean Houston.

The Mythic Imagination Institute has posted different folks' 
impressions of the event they sponsored on "War, Peace and the 
American Imagination" in Atlanta, GA last month.

Having been there, I can say the article does a wonderful job of 
recreating the feeling as well as the content, of the event.   I hope 
they do indeed continue the conversation.




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