[saymaListserv] FWD: Nuclear "Bunker Buster" Has Been Busted!

Mike Shell bright_crow at mindspring.com
Thu Oct 27 15:01:07 JEST 2005

Good news from FCNL:

Your lobbying played a key role in persuading Congress this week to agree to eliminate all funding for the nuclear “bunker buster,’ effectively rejecting for the second year in a row the president’s request to develop a new generation of nuclear weapons. 

The thousands lobby visits, letters, emails, faxes, and phone calls that you helped organized helped persuade members of Congress to eliminate this dangerous nuclear bomb that could have killed over one million people. FCNL learned last evening that Congress has agreed to eliminate funding for the nuclear "bunker buster" in the energy and water appropriations bill conference committee. 

Defeating the bunker buster two years in a row shows how little support new nuclear weapons have in Congress. Please email your members of Congress at http://capwiz.com/fconl/mail/oneclick_compose/?alertid=8168586 or call them at one of their offices to thank them for not funding the bunker buster.

For more information on the nuclear "bunker buster" and nuclear weapons issues, please see: http://www.fcnl.org/nuclear 

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