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Did you know that there was a Friends Disaster Service?
Note that this Friends organization not only is getting involved with immediate relief effort in New Orleans, they will be organizing volunteers to go to New Orleans later to help refugees and with cleanup. This might be an opportunity for our college age and high school members. 

Julia Ewen
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Below is a message I received from Stan Leach via Larry Kinser regarding the EFCSW effort to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina.  I thought you might be interested in this information.  Stan is superintendent of EFCSW and Larry the assistant superintendent.

--Joe Ginder

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We apologize to those of you receiving this through multiple sources.  We have several lists, not all with the same names-but some overlap between them.

Send this where you can, make announcements, organize prayer, giving and work teams.  All of our contribution will be coordinated through Friends Disaster Service in Ohio.  FDS is known throughout the deep south and especially Florida (where EFC-ER does have some churches) as one of the leading first and second response teams.  They have official standing with all related disaster effort coordinating organizations in the area.


September 1, 2005


This is a moment when the sorrow of watching others suffer mixes with the
privilege of responding to their needs. We honor the Lord Jesus Christ when
we do so.

I am encouraging the people and churches of Evangelical Friends Church
Southwest (EFCSW) to respond generously and boldly to these needs. We are
coordinating our efforts with other Evangelical Friends Churches in the
U.S.A through Friends Disaster Service (FDS) - an organization whose purpose
is to respond to tragedies just like this one. They have expertise in
providing relief and reconstruction during times like these as well as
contacts that allow them to cooperate with the many other organizations that
will be responding to this tragedy.* 

Presently, through contacts with Salvation Army's and Baptists' mass feeding
units being activated in the disaster area, FDS has engaged trucks and
purchased large amounts of #10 cans of heat and eat food in case lots.  The
first truck load is scheduled to leave for Gulfport, Mississippi, on
Thursday, Sept. 1.  Thursday of the following week, a semi load of water and
relief supplies will leave from the Salem, Ohio area.  They will continue to
make immediate contributions to the feeding of the homeless, as funds and
resources are available.

Obviously, the more resources, the greater the response Friends Disaster Service can make. As we
respond, then, more people will be served. This not only brings relief to
their physical condition, but because this food and water is being
distributed in Jesus' name, it glorifies the Lord. This is our deepest

We can make a difference. Donations can be sent to EFCSW at P.O. Box 1607,
Whittier, CA, 90609-1907. We will forward on the contributions. Also
donations are being received directly by Friends Disaster Service at Friends
Disaster Service, 241 Keenan Road, Peninsula, Ohio  44264. Of course, these
donations are all tax deductible. 

We are also preparing for a second phase of service to the Gulf Coast
tragedy. It will include volunteer construction teams. We are also exploring
the possibility of sending teams to minister to the displaced victims. We
will keep you informed on these plans as well.

Finally, pray that God's people would be very effective at demonstrating
God's love during this time to the victims. It is an awesome privilege to be the
Lord's hands, feet and voice during this tragedy.

Because of Christ,


*They do this through the 38 member organizations of National Volunteer
Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD). 


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