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Dear Friends,

Good News from Friends in Loisiana.


>Just rec'd this from the Clerk of the Baton Rouge Meeting.  Thought 
>Friends may want to see it....
>Friendship MM
>Greensboro, NC
>"Walk as children of light."
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>Hello Pat Zarowin.
>I am Pam Daigle Arnold, clerk of Baton Rouge Friends Meeting.  For 
>now, I seem to be the Friendly conduit of info and inquiries about 
>Katrina and offers of assistance for Louisiana Quakers.  I have been 
>on the phone and email for over
>three hours today (my first opportunity to get online since we were 
>without electricity from before 7 AM Monday until 11:30 PM Wednesday night.

>Everyone in Baton Rouge Meeting is okay.  No flooding. No injuries. 
>No serious structural damage.  Lots of tree debris.  Widespread 
>electrical outages but that should all be up and running here by 
>Saturday, according to our electric
>companies. We have not heard yet from any of the people in New 
>Orleans Meeting.  I am feeling relatively certain that they are 
>physically safe.  For the most part, they are the kind of folks who 
>heed official orders to evacuate an area before
>a storm and they have resources to have been able to leave the 
>city.  I am trying today to reach someone via email now that I am 
>online again.  We will just have to wait and see.

>Friendly response today has been overwhelming.  I've heard from 
>Quakers in England, Philadelphia, Illinois, Hickory NC, 
>Winston-Salem and Greensboro NC,Brooklyn, Long Island, Dover New 
>Hampshire, New Mexico, Houston TX,  Hope AR, and now you in 
>Indianapolis.  My heart is filled with a warm glow from all of your 
>love and concern for us.  I am creating an email loop with all of 
>your names and will let you know more as soon as I know more.  I'm 
>waiting to hear from some of the New Orleans folks so I'll know 
>better what to tell all of you wonderful, caring Friends.
>Thank you so much, Pat, for being there for us.
>In the Light,

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