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Dear Friends,

I sent a message to the email address listed in for Baton Rouge and New Orleans Friends meetings, and got this reply.



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  Thank you, David, for your note of care and concern.  The response from Friends far and wide has been amazing and I feel so connected to the larger Quaker family.  Each note creates another warm glow and I just keep on basking in them!

  At this time, our primary concern is to simply account for everyone from New Orleans Meeting. We have heard from about half of the regular folks so far.  We feel relatively certain that they are all safe, we just don't know where their safe is right now.  Once we know more about where everyone is, we will begin to assess the specific needs of the Meeting's individuals.

  Baton Rouge is okay.  Our biggest problems were electrical outages and tree debris everywhere.  Some folks also did not have running water for a few days.  We all seem to be okay now. Looking forward to visitors at worship tomorrow as four households from New Orleans Meeting are here in BR.  An after-the-fact problem has become the huge increase in our population with all the refugees.  Grocery stores like WalMart are packed with folks restocking their refrigerators and pantries now that the electricity is on again or church groups buying quantities of food to cook and serve in the shelters.  Row after row of shelves are completely empty!  The gas lines are long with so many people on the move and also with so many people using gas powered generators.  It seems almost surreal...but is, in fact, more real than one can imagine.

  I will add your email to my list and keep you posted as more develops here.  Again, we are wanting to care for our own Meeting folks first but then hope to be able to share some of the offers of support from Friends with the general public.  

  Thanks again for being there for us.
  In the Light,

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  > Dear Friends, 
  > I know this may not get to you in any timely way, but...
  > We in Asheville are praying for you and the people of your area.  We  haven't 
  > actually discussed hosting some of those who have lost their homes, but  I 
  > think friends here would be very happy to share our meeting house as a  place to 
  > live for a time.
  > Let us know.
  > Yours in the light,
  > David Clements
  > %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
  > David Clements, Evan  Richardson, Wesley Clements, Lila Richardson
  > 43 Vermont Court,  #G24
  > Asheville, NC 28806
  > 828-285-0601


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