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Mon Sep 19 14:33:37 JEST 2005

Ninth Month, 19th Day, 2005

Dear SAYMA Friends,

SAYMA's Faith and Practice Committee has already sent to each monthly 
meeting, preparative meeting and worship group, the revisions we 
agreed needed to be made to your Yearly Meetings Guide to Our Faith 
and Practice.

This year we have added a link to the SAYMA website so that you can 
download the changes that your SAYMA Representative and Meeting Clerk 
should have already received.

Thank you Tim Lamm for including it at:
http://www.sayma.org/online_documents.htm#F&P as file: "Proposed 
Revisions to Parts 2,3,4 (to be considered at YM 2006)"

There is much to review.  The entire section on our testimonies has 
been included in this round of revisions.   Some are minor changes, 
some are not.    The section on Sexuality especially needs your 
meeting's  input as so much has come to consciousness about this 
topic in 20 years since we approved that section.  Some new additions 
also will be of interest: Integrity and Earth Care Witness.

Please attend your meetings discussions so we can have your Light 
added to this document that tries to state our collective Faith and 

The committee looks forward to receiving your business meeting's 
minuted responses.


Free Polazzo, Clerk
on behalf of the SAYMA Faith and Practice Revision Committee  
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