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Thank-you Mike.  I am a non-Christocentric Friend and I sent this out to 
our whole meeting.  We must learn to hear about and feel comfortable with 
the different ways that we as Friends have experienced the "Transforming 
Power".  The strength of our meetings rests in the ability to hear in each 
others' language that which speaks to all of us in  our Faith Community.
In the Light,
Geeta Jyoti

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>From: Mike Shell <bright_crow at mindspring.com>
>Subject: [saymaListserv] Talking about Jesus
>Jesus is a very real and essential presence, moment by moment, in my 
>personal life, yet I hesitate to speak about him, because I don't know how 
>to lead people past their preconceived notions of Christianity (especially 
>of Christianity as an ideology) to the core, experiential reality I live by.
>Not by coincidence (I brought up the topic with Wendy because of my 
>reading), the March 2005 FRIENDS JOURNAL features articles on Jesus.  Two 
>of them, in very different ways, speak to my condition.
>Blessed Be,
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