[saymaListserv] t r u t h o u t - Hundreds of Thousands March against the War

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Sun Sep 25 17:07:11 JEST 2005


My longtime F/friend Bert Skellie and I travelled to Washington DC to 
participate in the Anti War Rally in Washington DC, 
yesterday.   Below is a link to a good story about the 
protest.   Even mentions Quakers.   There was also people with the 
Isreali flag  (Shalom) and members of the Chicago based group:  "Not 
in my Name" hosted a breakfast and marched.  ( 
www.nimn.org  )   Labor, Bhuddists, Veterans against the War, 
Socialists, Progressive Democrats, Women in Black, NYC Transit 
Workers Union, College Students against the war.

It was interesting that most of the people marching seemed to be over 
50 years old.    There were some pro war protestors and they were all 
under 25!    Quite the reverse of the protests I attended against the 
Vietnam war.

  I saw Cindy Sheehaw walk by our GA Peace Coalition Banner towards 
the end of the march.  (we were at the back).  She thanked us for 
coming to support bringing US Troops home now.    She still had lots 
of energy at the end of the long day.  What an amazing woman.   A 
real leader.

We walked and walked and walked.  (sat, too)  The energy on the 
parade route was wonderful.  Lots of anger and sadness about the 
deaths and the cost of the war to our country and Iraq, too.   Tons 
of interesting signs.
My favorite sign, and maybe the most accurate was:

"Real Men know when to Pull Out"~              :)

Lots of people who think that the war and Big Bucks is why we are 
there and won't leave.

Add your voice to the call to "Bring our troops home now!"




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