[saymaListserv] t r u t h o u t - Hundreds of Thousands March against the War

steve livingston nc_stereoman at charter.net
Sun Sep 25 21:45:57 JEST 2005

Thanks Free and Bert, thanks for being there, for all of us. My thoughts 
were with you, and our community paused to hold you in the Light at 
worship this morning. Friends Susan O and Lena F, and her mom Bena S, an 
occasional attender, were there from Asheville. My sister Susan, who has 
supported my anti-war efforts through the years, was one of many 
Americans who participated for the first time. In the past year, she has 
gone from being essentially politically unaware to become a 
well-informed Department of Peace activist.

I read that the anti-Peace organizers were "hoping" for 20,000 at their 
"Support the Troops [not enough have died yet] Rally", but drew only 
"hundreds". That certainly bodes well for the future.

For those who follow the Iraq War closely, you know that Middle East 
expert Juan Cole has long stood staunchly opposed to immediate 
withdrawal of the Occupying Forces. Today, he changed his mind. If you 
are not familiar with him, it's still a very worthwhile read. If you are 
a Professor Cole fan, as I am, this is a watershed event. Check him out 
at juancole dot com.


free polazzo wrote:

> Hi,
> My longtime F/friend Bert Skellie and I travelled to Washington DC to 
> participate in the Anti War Rally in Washington DC, yesterday.

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