[saymaListserv] t r u t h o u t - Hundreds of Thousands March against the War

steve livingston nc_stereoman at charter.net
Sun Sep 25 22:59:25 JEST 2005

I just came across a great write-up in Tom Dispatch.

put www dot in front of this: "tomdispatch.com/index.mhtml?pid=24319"

Many interviews, lots of photos. Excerpt:

". . . the march will be a Katrina, a cacophony, of handmade signs, 
waves and waves of them, expressing every bit of upset and pent-up 
frustration that the polls tell us a majority of Americans feel . . ."


" . . . From Virginia, he's the assistant controller at a dairy ('an 
accountant basically'). Like a lot of people at this demonstration, he 
speaks calmly, even quietly, but with a deep-seated disgust. 'I'm just 
sick of it . . . "


". . . As we circle back toward the Mall, we pass a mother and son 
standing on the sidewalk. She's holding what, for me, is the most 
striking sign of the day: 'No Iraqis left me on a roof to die.' Her 
twelve year-old son, Muata Hunter, holds a sign too. It's simple and 
eloquent. 'No war.'"


Good read. Look at the pictures. They are our fellow citizens, ordinary 
Americans, all different, and all ready to hear what Peace can do.


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