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AFSC grants available to Friends working with Katrina

From: Ruth Seeley
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 16:14:25 -0400

Subject: Announcement: AFSC grants available to Friends working with Katrina
Please share this letter from Mary Ellen McNish broadly among Friends Meeting 
and Churches.

Thank you, Ruth Seeley
1501 Cherry Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102
September 28, 2005
To Friends Everywhere:
The AFSC is not ordinarily a first responder to disasters in the US.
However, we found ourselves deeply moved by the suffering of the people left
behind to fend for themselves as Hurricane Katrina bore down on the Gulf
The aftermath of the storm revealed the most shocking and poorly handled
disaster in US history, with government failures on every level.  It showed
clearly what many of us already knew: US economic policy has completely
eviscerated the social safety net needed for the poor.  The politics of race
have been thrown into sharp relief.
AFSC sent immediate financial aid through Board member Dick Steele to the
Interfaith Ministries of Greater Houston to provide food for the 27,000
people evacuated to the Astrodome.  We are now conducting an assessment of
where our support and help will be most needed, after which we will plan our
future activities.
During the initial days of the tragedy it was inspiring to receive hundreds
of messages from Friends, Friends Meetings and Churches in the US and around
the world who wanted to help.
AFSC has set up a special fund to provide financial support to Friends
Meetings, Churches and organizations who want to reach out to aid the
victims of Hurricane Katrina.  Attached is a one page description of how
your Friends Meeting, Church or Friends group can apply for a grant from
these funds.  

We are glad to be able to support Friendsą initiatives in this way, as you
help the people who continue to suffer through these traumatic events.
Friend Rubye Braye from Wilmington, North Carolina, will be coordinating the
effort for AFSC.  If you have any questions, please call her at (910)

Mary Ellen McNish
General Secretary
American Friends Service Committee
Criteria for Supporting Friends Efforts to Help in Hurricane Katrina
A special fund will be set-up by AFSC to assist Quaker organizations who:
1. Provide service to evacuees locally
2. Engage in relief/rebuilding efforts through Quaker or Non Quaker qualified 
organizations (e.g. Mennonite Disaster Service, Historically Black Churches).
Grants will be from $2,000 to $10,000. There is some possibility for
somewhat higher grants, depending on project(s).
Request for support must come from a Friends meeting, Friends church or
Friends organization.
Individuals must work through their meetings, churches or organizations.
Projects must focus on helping the underserved (e.g. poor, Native
Americans, undocumented immigrants and other underserved groups).
Requests should be one page and consist of:
1. Project Description
     i.  Who are you helping?
     ii. What do you intend to do?
1. Amount of volunteer time committed
2. Financial support requested from AFSC
3. Timeframe - work to begin and end by what date?
4. Other financial support secured?
5. What outcome do you expect?
6. Letter from Friends meeting, Church, Organization supporting this work.
A memorandum of understanding will be signed at the beginning of the
project by AFSC and the entity. It will require a detailed program and
financial report at the end of six months.
Awards will solely be at the discretion of AFSC.
Please send your requests to RBraye at afsc.org by October 31, 2005.
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