[saymaListserv] War Tax Resistance

Steve Livingston nc_stereoman at charter.net
Tue Apr 4 11:08:19 JEST 2006

Thanks for your witness, Perry. Each of us "finances their swords as 
long as we can", to paraphrase the advice given to William Penn. It's 
hard to undo the amount of damage wreaked in our names and with our tax 
dollars. I feel certain your donations to the women's shelters has been 
of far greater benefit than the same money would have been had it been 
paid as income tax.

For a number of years, I practiced income tax evasion, more out of 
irresponsibility than conviction. Once I finally set aside my reckless 
ways, I learned that because I am self-employed and my income is far 
below the official "poverty level", my tax liability is zero -- in fact 
the Treasury pays ME for being so poor! Hence I was confused by your 
reference to having reduced your own income below the taxable level, at 
the same time as you asserted that you donate a portion of your 
estimated personal income tax. It would seem that a portion of nothing 
would be nothing. Please explain.


Perry Treadwell wrote:

>Here is an editorial the Atlanta Journal Constitution refuses to print. 
>To the IRS and interested others, 2006
>Again this year I am refusing to pay for war and the attendant torture.

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