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Friends, the most recent update on HIbbard, containing both sad news,
followed by good news! Penelope
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> Hello, everyone:
> Alan Thatcher, writing from home in Chicago.
> I was in Nashville last week, along with Phoebe and Jack Thatcher, who
> were on spring break from school.   Alice is now in high school and on
> a
> different schedule, so she and Diane stayed home.
> Hibbard was doing very well while we were there and was eager to move
> on the Stallworth.  He had been energized by the visits of folk dancers
> who'd
> come to town for the Playford Ball, a dance event which he and Ruby
> founded 25 years ago, and for which they were specially honored this
> year--though
> they could not attend.  Hibbard was very pleased to see the
> grandchildren.  He was, typically, concerned that they might be bored
> in the hospital room,
> and regretting not having anything for them to read or play with.  They
> were just glad to see him, and they said that he seemed to improve even
> while
> we were there.
> Last Friday Hibbard moved to Stallworth, but it was immediately
> discovered that he had a high fever and a new bout of pneumonia
> starting, so he was
> immediately sent to St Thomas hospital, which he first entered nearly
> three months ago.
> This was disheartening, but this is regular bacterial pneumonia, caught
> very early, and it's responding well to antibiotics.  Hibbard has
> continued to
> get physical, speech, and occupational therapy at St Thomas (actually
> more rigorous than he'd been getting at Select), and overall he
> continues to
> regain strength.
> The latest news is very good, and that is that Hibbard will be moving
> to Stallworth--again--tomorrow.  I will be in touch when I have contact
> information there.
> Please feel free to visit him at Stallworth; they have a busy work
> schedule but they welcome visitors as they are trying to get patients
> back into the full
> swim of life.
> Visits, calls, and emails to Ruby are always welcome.
> Ruby Thatcher
> 615-298-3747
> ruby7hib at comcast.net
> 1012 Battery Lane
> Nashville, TN 37220
> (Ruby usually naps between about 4 and 6.  Mike Thatcher is staying
> with her and will usually be the one answering the phone.)
> Thank you for holding Hibbard in the light!
> For the family,
> Alan Thatcher

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