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Subject: Quaker Conference on Torture--Join us!
Dear Friend,

The leading to call for a Quaker Conference on Torture came to me out of two
kinds of experience. One was my hands-on work with victims of trauma
including torture. The other was my life as an American citizen.

The hands-on work was blessed, but the plague of torture will not be
resolved by individual therapy. And what about as an American citizen? The
British House of Lords said it best: legalizing torture, they said,
"dishonours the law, and defiles the state."

How can American Quakers help end this civic "dishonour"? One answer is
QUIT, the Quaker Initiative to End Torture. QUIT has organized the Quaker
Conference on Torture, June 2-4, 2006 at Guilford College, in Greensboro
North Carolina. I hope you'll join us there.

There's plenty to do. The conference will hear from people working on
Capitol Hill, at the UN, with churches and human rights groups. We'll start
work on a network of worship, study and action.
We have asked local Meetings to send Friends to Greensboro on their behalf,
to bring back the information and motivation which will be brought together

Active public witness against torture is just beginning in the United
States. Friends can play an important role in this struggle. It is likely to
be long and challenging; we're familiar with that.
Remember: space at the conference is limited, so we hope you'll register
soon. Late fees apply after April 28.

This conference is being organized by QUIT, the Quaker Initiative to End
Torture. It has been endorsed by numerous monthly and yearly meetings. Major
support has also come from the Friends World Committee for
Consultation-Section of the Americas.

More information and a registration form is at our website:


And please pass this message on to others.
In Friendship, 
John Calvi

John Calvi
calvij at sover.net
PO Box 301 
Putney VT 05346 USA
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